Whoopi Goldberg From ‘The View’ Is ‘Amazingly Talented’, Sally Jessy Raphael Says – but Shades Barrymore and Clarkson


Talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael may not be a fan of some actors/singers turned talk show hosts, but she is a big fan of Whoopi Goldberg from The View. She recently praised Goldberg for her instincts and talent, while at the same time, shading hosts like Drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson.

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Ex Democom

Amazingly talented at what?? She doesn't have the IQ of a goose. I guess being able to run her big mouth nonstop for hours without saying anything constructive is a talent? Ok!

Dennis Stewart

what is she talented at these days getting larger and larger and stoking the old fires of race?stop dividing our country is was fine before the communist Obama took office.what a mistake on my part wish I had that vote back!


It’s great to have an opinion, but to call other opinions wrong. Sadly some sides have value and no one is every right because it’s their view. Sadly their show has turned into race, hate which is wrong. Maybe talk as if we’re all humans with value and not a color or religious belief makes anyone better or worse! People are good or bad it’s who they are. They’re promoting racism at its worse. Blame for slavery on white people today that never owned slaves is wrong. No one is held back unless they don’t want to succeed. Too many successful of every race. What they’re doing is causing more racism with hate for another race!


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