Nils Lofgren latest musician to remove music from Spotify in support of Neil Young

The Independent
The Independent

Nils Lofgren, the Crazy Horse and E Street band musician, has announced he’s removing his music from Spotify in support of Neil Young .

Young previously issued an ultimatum to Spotify and asked that his music be deleted from the platform due to its affiliation with Joe Rogan , whom he said had spread “false information” regarding Covid-19 vaccines.

Joni Mitchell followed suit in solidarity with Young – and now Lofgren has done the same.

He shared a post on the Neil Young Archives , writing: “When these heroic women and men, who’ve spent their lives healing and saving ours, cry out for help you don’t turn your back on them for money and power. You listen and stand with them.

“As I write this letter, we’ve now gotten the last 27 years of my music taken off Spotify. We are reaching out to the labels that own my earlier music to have it removed as well. We sincerely hope they honor our wishes, as Neil’s labels have done, his.”

“We encourage all musicians, artists and music lovers everywhere to stand with us all, and cut ties with Spotify.”

The streaming company has swiftly removed Young’s music following his request last week. The platform has a $100m exclusivity contract with Rogan, for sole rights to his podcast.

“They can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” Young wrote in a since-deleted letter that was posted to his website and addressed his management team at Lookout Management and Warner Bros.

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