1,000-lb Sisters fans worry about Amy Slaton’s son Gage, 2, after rat poop & roaches are discovered under tot’s crib

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The US Sun

1,000-lb Sisters fans are worried about Amy Slaton's two-year-old son Gage after they claimed to have discovered rat poop and roaches under the toddler's crib.

Amy, 34, revealed the untidy and messiness she will be leaving behind for her new home.
Amy Slaton was packing up for the move to a new home Credit: TLC
Fans claimed they spotted rat pop and roaches Credit: TLC

During the penultimate episode before the season finale, the 1,000-lb Sisters star revealed she felt 'weird" to see Cage's crib "gone."

The empty spit -where Cage's crib used to be - was littered with kitchen equipment, baby clothes, and a dirty towel on the floor.

The living room was a cluttered mess with clothing, open boxes, baby toys, and spread all over.

Feeling "over-stressed" by the move, Tammy said in a confessional: "I'm just ready to lay down and die" and laughed.

One of the movers bumped his back into a soiled mattress.

A fan tweeted: “Amy moved that dingy, musty, moldy ass mattress in her new house and I screamed at the TV. Whew Lawd, somebody has to go in and help her!”


Recently, during a previous episode, the TLC star had invited the cleaners into her home.

Fans were distracted by the mess at her home, especially the mattress.

The mattress had an off-white sheet, which was covered in brown stains on the sides and on top.

One fan wrote: "@TLC made sure we got every angle of that mattress."

Another fan said: "Me watching them drag this already 'not too clean' mattress on the ground."

A third fan commented: "If the mattress is there for ratings, it's definitely working."

A fourth person stated: "After seeing that mattress, Amy's new house is gon' be just as nasty as the 1st."

A commentator chimed in "Amy, I will buy you a new mattress and sectional and I mean that please find a way to get in contact with me. I got it."


TLC recently shared a shocking clip from the show's season finale on Instagram.

In the preview, Tammy Slaton, 35, sat slouched in her wheelchair while her head was tilted back.

During her confessional, Amy said: "I don't know how her body can hold up. I'm hoping Dr. Smith can intervene with Tammy."

Amy had previously feared that her sibling could be dead in about five years.

Dr. Smith asked Tammy: "Would you consider possibly going back to rehab?"

The reality star confessed she was "ready" to go back.

While in the back of the van, Tammy said she was "feeling sleepy" before she "quit breathing."
Amy's living room was a cluttered mess Credit: TLC
Amy and Tammy Slaton pictured together Credit: TLC
A unclean mattress was put inside a moving van Credit: TLC

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Cynthia Davis Snead

This what happens when people are brought up as a child with no home training. Nasty is the way she lived as a child so now she has to change her traits. Cleanness is very important for your health.

Chuck LeGassick

New home will be like 1st home within a month ! Than it's on to 3rd house. LAZINESS! Cleaning house is good exercise!

Robin Diehm

where is child protection services? They need to step in until they can get moved. Then inspect the new home.


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