Deion Sanders May Have Committed A Recruiting Violation Today

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Deion Sanders has proven over the past few months that he can recruit elite talent to Jackson State. That being said, he may have misstepped in his pursuit of five-star defensive lineman Shemar Stewart. On Friday afternoon, Stewart revealed that he’ll announce his commitment on Feb....

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100% blackman

wow you white media will try to find anything to discredit coach prime i know of coaches that have done much worse the media knows about it but doesn't report it stop being racist ok he got a couple of great recruits that doesn't guarantee success there are so many great young athletes out there1,2,3,4,5, stars and guess what they have quite a few that are playing on Sunday that couple of words are not going to sway this young man's decision so stop all of you outside the media fsu if coach prime was at fsu you would not have heard a thing and by the way you crying big babies that call yourselves fans blame your weak and no vision of a administration they had ample opportunity to hire coach prime they didn't even you fake fans never lobby for coach prime right now your program sucks even wake is better than you

Lee bl

Doubt anything will come from it especially considering he's been coaching for a year in college football. Obviously someone caught it said you can't do that since it was deleted. Leason learned.

Clarence Dunn

They mad cause he's getting all the top recruites, y'all white privilege ain't working our young kings need to start going to a HBCU stop making those big college's coaches rich


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