Brian Billick talks Giants head coaching candidates with Tiki and Tierney

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Former Super Bowl champion head coach Brian Billick knows what it takes to take down a formidable Giants team. After all, Billick’s Ravens team used its dominant defense to dismantle New York 34-7 in Super Bowl XXXV.

On Friday, Billick joined Tiki and Tierney to discuss the best way to build Big Blue back up into a contender.

The Giants are getting set to take their next big step in their quest to return to relevancy, with all scheduled head coaching interviews done and a decision set to be made as early as this weekend. Tiki and Tierney see former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as the top candidates, and Billick says each one would bring their own advantages to the job.

“You tend to hire the opposite of what you just fired, and we go through cycles of former head coaches and college guys and cycling through the young coordinators, that’s kind of the thing right now,” Billick said. “These general managers are trying to piece together a combination of these young coaches, where it’s ‘you come in, you just be the guru…don’t worry about the cap or the personnel, you just run your offenses.’”

New York just fired a former Bill Belichick protégé in Joe Judge, and while Flores is also part of the Belichick tree, he has already proven to be more successful than Judge was as a head coach. Flores led a lackluster Miami roster to a 9-8 record this past season before being surprisingly fired. While Flores has previous head coaching experience, Daboll could represent a sharp offensive mind needed to unlock quarterback Daniel Jones and an offensive unit that was one of the worst in football this season.

“Brian Flores, having experience as a head coach now, has a different dynamic for them,” Billick said. “I don’t know. There’s no right way or ling way. Offensively, Daniel Jones, is he their guy? They need to get that right. Do they bring in an offensive guy to try and salvage that and wrap the right offense around him? There’s no absolute one right answer for this.”

It’s one that Giants fans feel has to be the right answer, as New York has had a revolving door of head coaches over the past six years, which has been one of the darkest eras in franchise history. Daboll presents promise given how Buffalo has thrived in the AFC East with MVP candidate Josh Allen under center, but Billick warns that hiring Daboll doesn’t mean Jones would become a stud. Needless to say, Big Blue has a very tough, but very important, decision to make in the coming days, or even hours.

“Josh Allen has become such a dynamic player,” Billick said. “Making plays outside the protection schemes, a little Roethlisberger-esque in terms of shrugging off guys...but has matured so much as a guy in the, you’re not gonna do the things with Daniel that you’re gonna do with Josh Allen. But that’s your job as a head coach. You have to adapt to your personnel. He’s had a lot of experience offensively. He’ll find the right system, I just can’t imagine it’s going to look a whole lot like what he did in Buffalo.”

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