‘Dallas’: Audrey Landers Looks Back on the Last Time She Ever Spoke to Larry Hagman

“Dallas” star Audrey Landers reflected on her last conversation with her late co-star Larry Hagman recently. The pair both portrayed characters in the long-running soap opera that was on the air for an impressive 14 seasons. The series initially premiered in 1978 and wrapped in ’91, nearly two decades before Hagman passed away. However, members of the original cast reunited to film a reboot of the popular soap in the 2010s. Ultimately, the reboot was canceled after three seasons due to poor ratings. On a related note, Hagman’s sudden death occurred just a few months after the first season premiered.

Landers told FOX News of her last interaction with Hagman. “My goodness, I have to say the last time I spoke to him was while we were filming the reboot of “Dallas” for TNT,” she shared. “Although we knew that he was ill, I don’t think any of us expected him to leave us so soon. I had a storyline with him that was no longer possible. And it was a real shocker to us in so many ways. It was very sad. I was heartbroken.”

Landers’ love for Hagman and her other castmates is undoubtedly a strong one. The actress credits a lot of her acting chops to the time she spent starring on soap operas, something she touched on in a 2017 interview.

Why Audrey Landers Loves Soap Operas

Soap operas are amazing because they require such discipline, especially in those days when they were practically live,” Landers reflects. “We didn’t do retakes. It was like putting on a live show every single day, so there was a lot of memorization. As an actor, it really prepares you because you have to be able to keep it fresh all the time.” Landers describes how there’s a lot of recap involved with shows that reach a daily audience, and that making the dialogue more interesting, realistic, and believable was sometimes a challenge. She later added, “It’s really a great opportunity as an actor.”

Landers starred on several soap operas, but when she joined “Dallas” as Afton Cooper, the show had already been on air for some time. The actress discussed why she was so drawn to the show after already having such extensive experience on soaps.

How ‘Dallas’ Drew In the Acress

“Well, it was already a hit. I think it had been on for a year, so the show was already deemed to be a hit, which was incredible. I had spent my whole life doing soap operas and for me, this was the pinnacle of soap operas. Originally, I was only asked to do two episodes, but they liked my character,” she explained.

“As the fates would have it, the producers loved my work, thank goodness, and wrote me in as a regular character. It was really a great, great opportunity, and it was the perfect fit for me because I had the opportunity to sing. All the songs that Afton sang were songs I wrote. It gave me just a wonderful opportunity to work with great writing, great producers, other actors I loved working with, and then a chance to sing? There wasn’t much more I could’ve asked for at that time in the way of a role.”

According to Audrey Landers IMDb page, her most recent project was a 2021 series, “Viral Vignettes.”

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