Lindsey Graham ignores his own record, moves to outlaw deficits


Cover picture for the articleDuring George W. Bush's presidency, the Republican administration added about $5 trillion to the national debt in eight years. At the time, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stood by the White House, backing the Bush/Cheney tax cuts and spending bills without regard for deficits. During Donald Trump's presidency,...

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I’m a moderate but it does seem more recent Republican Presidents have not helped with the National debt situation. At the end of Bill Clinton’s two terms, I believe the Country was actually having a small annual surpluses and at the end of Obama’s eight years after inheriting the financial crisis, the Country was making progress on reducing the annual deficits. Both Bush and Trump unfortunately really added to the deficits. Trump talks about how strong the economy was but in 2019 the Fed lowered interest rates 3 times and we had a trillion dollar deficit. Based upon my Econ 101 college course, that’s not the signs of a strong economy.

Craig Bellet

So vote for tax cuts and huge amounts of spending as well as huge tax cuts for the rich Lindsey is suddenly worried about the deficits he created. Can he get any more hypocritical - yes he can, let us know why he has never married or had a family?


When being born white is your proudest accomplishment, you really don't amount to much as a human being. Dumpy empowered these people and made them feel way better about themselves than they have any reason to.


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