The Beds at the Beijing Olympic Village Are Guaranteed to Make Tokyo Athletes Jealous

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Cover picture for the articleWatch: 2022 Winter Olympics Comes to "Nightly Pop" There's no hard truth to uncover here. Ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics, luge athlete Summer Britcher wants the world to know that the beds in the Olympic Village in Beijing are out of this world. After landing in Beijing, she...

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Steven Johnson

injoy everything our money has paid 4. no American should be going to China for the Olympics. by going your supporting child labor, women and human rights abuse. every American going is only thinking of themselves. team USA should stay strong against what China stands for and boycott. Sad that so many of us fight and die 4 freedom and what China represents but team USA want to go play games with them. makes me sick. boycotting all tv, merchandise and team USA.


not one American athlete should step into that country. Jesus Christ will America ever have a backbone again. instead of this me me me stance.


absolutely none of our athletes should be going to China for the Olympics. And the world should not be allowing China to host the Olympics. China is affected the world would covid-19. Fact. They should be at Class Act suit against China. Still Distributing covid with mask test kits and whatever else they can.


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