Woman shows dramatic before and after photos of how pregnancy changed her face


Cover picture for the articleWhile there are many things about your body you can expect to change during pregnancy, like the foods you crave to the frequency with which you need to wee, one thing that's probably not on that list is your face. But, it seems a change in your appearance isn't entirely uncommon,...

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OK so, yes her face has changed because it's swollen, etc. BUT, on the other pictures she also did her makeup, her hair, that changes the way you look by Alot as well. Just saying.


My daughters face changed too… she was complete, her eyes softened her heart melted…. God bless the miracle of motherhood God is Good! 🥰

Moni B.

Yes, her face changed during her pregnancy and it will eventually return to what it looked like previously, however what I don't like is the way she keeps implying & acknowledging that her current face is ugly and she can't wait to get back to "normal". There are many women she resembles right now where that is their regular face, so to say these things is hurtful & demeaning. Her takeaway from all of this should be that it's not one's appearance that matters, it's your character & actions that do. You might not have control over your physical self, but u do over your personality & views of the world as those are the lasting things that truly matter.


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