Woman reveals how she catfishes men with just one simple accessory


A woman has revealed the accessory that catfishes men into thinking she’s “hot”.

In a viral clip, TikTok user @na0mitayl0r16, who goes by the name Naomi, explained that there is one simple accessory she uses to catfish guys.

She captioned the video: “Catfish 101: trust me, im the master.”

As Naomi looked into the camera, the text overlay on the clip read: “Catfish 101: how to catfish all the guys into thinking you’re hot. Then when they fall in love you can finally…”

Catfish 101: trust me, im the master

Catfish 101: trust me, im the master

She gazed into the camera for a few seconds before reaching up on top of her head and removing the fake fringe that had been framing her face with loose curls on either side.

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Removing the fringe revealed a simple ponytail and Naomi gave a hilarious smile.

The video has been viewed almost 360,000 times and many have been intrigued by the difference just one simple accessory can make, asking where they can purchase one.

One person wrote: “This is hilarious! You look good both ways!”

Someone else said: “dang couldn’t even tell they were fake bangs…btw you still beautiful girl.”

One TikTok user complimented: “Girl I was scared at first then I was in love again.”

Another person asked: “Where did you buy the clip in fringe? I want it.”

Similarly, someone else enquired: “can I ask where you bought that? It looks so good!”

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Won't be surprised when the next story surfaces about her body found somewhere

Kathleen Hart

So you added bangs. Big deal. It's all the lies & pretending to actually be someone you're not is real catfishing. Maybe you're really an old man trying to get his jolly's by pretending to be a 20 something woman or you don't even live in the country you say you do or pretending you're rich & looking for that perfect person to retire to & spoil them for the rest of their lives. Now that's real catfishing!!


pine scent air freshener hanging on belly button ring?


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