Candace Owens faces mockery after suggesting Americans want her on Supreme Court

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The Independent

Conservative critic Candace Owens was mocked online after she suggested that Americans wanted her to be the next Supreme Court justice following the retirement of Stephen Breyer .

Ms Owens noticed her name was trending on Twitter and asked in a tweet: “Am I really trending because America wants me to be the next Supreme Court justice? What an honour! (sic).”

Shortly after president Joe Biden announced he would nominate his pick for the Supreme Court to fill Mr Breyer’s seat before the end of February, she again took to Twitter to share her remark.

During his campaign for the presidency, Mr Biden had pledged to nominate the first Black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court if a vacancy opened during his term in office.

“It would be my absolute honour to accept this nomination on behalf of the American people. I assure you I meet all the necessary qualifications as I am both black and female,” she wrote in another tweet on Thursday.

Ms Owens added that she looked forward to “establishing further communication with the Biden administration”.

Twitter users, however, were quick to correct her and said she wasn’t trending for that reason.

“I think Tyler Perry is ahead of you in line,” wrote The Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer.

“You’re trending because you’re talking about a cartoon mouse and because you lack human decency,” wrote author John Pavlovitz, referring to Ms Owens’ recent remarks about Disney character Minnie Mouse wearing a pantsuit.

“Eating butter biscuits and being a white supremacy apologist are not the skill sets for Supreme Court Justice, more like court jester,” wrote Bishop Talbert Swan in a tweet.

Advocate and activist Markus Batchelor responded to Ms Owens with a gif.

“NOT A PARODY: I actually thought this was a parody until I noticed the blue check next to Candace Owens’ name,” said user Samia Ali Salama.

“He [Joe Biden] literally said the person has to have extraordinary qualifications, character, integrity, and experience. You meet NONE of those prerequisites. Not even close,” wrote another user.

Ms Owens recently faced heavy backlash for outraging over classic Disney cartoon character Minnie Mouse's new pantsuit for Disneyland Paris’s 30th anniversary.

“I mean look, this is why people don’t take these people seriously,” Ms Owens told Fox News host Jesse Watters.

“They’re taking all of these things that nobody was offended by, acting like they have to get rid of them and destroy them because they’re bored. They’re absolutely bored,” she said.

Ms Owens further argued that “they’re trying to destroy fabrics of our society”, without taking names.

Disneyland Paris first announced the new look on Tuesday on Twitter with a picture of Minnie Mouse in her outfit designed by Stella McCartney.

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Bonzo Berkowitz

Unfortunate that Candace is a college dropout, let alone lacks a law degree or any germane experience. All that aside,, her politics don't align very closely with those of the President. Her statements indicate she is really out of touch...unless she is joking?

Mike Zeyn

The joke went right over your Dimms heads. Brandon stated he wanted a black woman for SCOTUS. She fits his description perfectly

Red Stalker

The left is terrified of an intelligent, competent black woman like Candace Owens. They will find anything to try to denigrate her. They just destroy their own credibility with childish hit pieces like this. The morons don't even see the humor in what she said much less understand the irony of it.


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