Mike Pence: Joe Biden won his party's nomination, but Bernie Sanders 'won the party'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleFormer Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday it is clear that his successors, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are picking up where Barack Obama left off in fundamentally transforming the American system into one that is hard-left. Pence also reacted to Harris' trip to Honduras to...

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Eric Coldren

Sanders won the last 2 times... but the Dems want an undercover socialist.... not an open socialist... easier to sell and cover their tracks

alberto saldivar

Trump's fans say he hasaccomplished more than anyother president in history.And they're right...No one else has done more to divide the people, promote racism, destroy the economy, and make the USA a global laughing stock.

k a r l sutton S

his life and the rest of the law makers were put in grave danger that dark day , trump specifically said for the people of that mess to go and beat up law makers and the vice president or worse , trump is a very very dangerous man in or out of the white house I don't see trump going to prison on anything hes done , while in office plus he's cleared to run again in 24


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