Woman changes boyfriend's lock screen to girl he liked on Instagram – and TikTok is divided


Instagram has been the cause of so many relationship problems for many.

Whether it's your significant other "liking" other women's photos on the social media app or they've slid into someone's DMs, Instagram has the potential to break up a couple.

TikTok user Jillian Stevens @jillianstevensss shared her reaction to seeing her boyfriend has liked a woman's photo, where she decided to make the picture his lock screen while he was asleep.

The result has left many on TikTok divided on whether it was a genius or petty move.

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"Out here being the best gf and making his lock screen something that he likes😇😇😇," she captioned the video.

In the TikTok, the woman holds her boyfriend's phone and shows the screenshot of the other woman displayed. Stevens also lip-syncs to the viral sound from Taylor Swift's "I Bet You Think About Me," where she sings the lyrics “Oh my god, she’s insane."

out here being the best gf and making his lock screen something that he likes😇😇😇 #bestgfaward #petty #fypシ

out here being the best gf and making his lock screen something that he likes😇😇😇 #bestgfaward #petty #fypシ

In a pinned comment, Stevens clarified that the video was meant to be taken as a joke.

"THIS IS A JOKE BTW, we very much in love idc that he liked her pic i just am petty😇😇 all love," she wrote.

Still, people had mixed reactions to the video and Stevens' actions.

"Done this but with messages of him texting another girl. Took a screenshot and set as Lock Screen just to make sure he knew I knew," one person said.

Another wrote, "I should make a collage and do that."

“You’re giving me ideas,” one commented

"This is so unhealthy though.." one user argued.

"I'm reading im toxic and have to go through your phone bc im insecure. whoever your man is i hope he runs this is not normal behavior. get help girl," wrote another.

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Beth T

1. She literally called herself petty for doing it- she's aware that it is. 2. you don't have to go through someone's phone to see that they liked a pic on Instagram, just follow them- ya know, like friends do? Seems like a healthy relationship if they can joke. lighten up people

Michelle Aucoin

If you have nothing to hide then no reason to worry about you significant other messing with your phone. Sounds to me like she really was just trying to be funny not petty.

García Enrique

This is a Major Red 🚩 Flag. Do Not I repeat Do Not marry this girl. You have been warned


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