Moderna says its vaccination with booster ‘almost obliterates’ Omicron in the short term


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People who get vaccinated and boosted with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine have a strong level of protection against the Omicron variant, the company said Thursday, citing a recent study.

Researchers published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday that concluded a booster dose of the vaccine resulted in “improved durability” against the variant. However, it noted, antibodies waned notably six months after that booster, dropping sixfold.

Dr. Paul Burton, Moderna’s CMO, told CNN that was good news in the short term, but it had longer implications that will need to be monitored. And he seemed to begin making the case for another round of boosters this year.

“Vaccination and boosting almost obliterates [the Omicron] risk,” Burton said. “But, what we see by six months is that those levels begin to fall. And if you project that out and you make the conclusion that they will continue to fall, we know that probably by the autumn of this coming year, in 2022, that those levels will be down to an area where people may not have protection.”

Moderna has launched a Phase 2 clinical trial of an Omicron-specific booster. Burton said he expects, barring unforeseen problems, the company should be ready to begin wide-scale manufacturing by the middle of the year.

It’s unknown if that booster will also protect against the BA.2 sub-variant, which has been dubbed “stealth Omicron.”

About 63% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, and just 25% have received a booster dose, according to Bloomberg’s vaccine tracker. That compares to a 72% fully vaccinated rate in the EU, with 43% having received boosters.

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Fauci Taint

Imagine if you will a pharmaceutical product that doesn't properly do what you said it would do. Then, blaming the people who do not want the inherent risk of your product or did not take the product for its ineffectiveness.  Lastly, telling the people who bought your product to keep taking it every 4-6 months even though it does not work as promised. That is where we are with Covid-19 vaccines.

mac daddy

this is article from yesterday, More than 270 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts have died of COVID-19 over the past week! SOMEONE IS LIEING!!!

David Monroe Sizemore

then why are people with 2 boosters still getting covid? still pushing the agenda. amazing how covid spreads like wildfire when it's election time!


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