Joy Behar Laments Supreme Court on ‘The View’: “That Branch of Government Is So Anti-Democracy”

Now that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement, the White House has reiterated President Joe Biden‘s commitment to appointing the first Black woman justice. But on today’s episode of The View, host Joy Behar lamented the limits of the Supreme Court in general, calling it a “dictatorial” branch of government.

“These are people who are appointed by the government. They do not answer to the country. They are there for life,” she said. “The only way to get rid of them is to impeach them, which is a long process. I always feel like that particular branch of government is so anti-democracy.”

Behar continued: “The fact that there are no term limits, the fact that you can put your people on because they agree with you. And then they’re there forever, influencing maybe three, four generations of Americans. To call that a democratic institution seems [like] an oxymoron.”

Sunny Hostin pointed out that in the meantime, Biden has made strides in diversifying the federal government. “When Donald Trump was in office, I think 85 percent of his federal appointees were white men,” she said. “Biden has done the reverse. He’s appointed more diverse judges to the bench than ever.”

However, moderator Whoopi Goldberg noted that critics arguing that appointing an African American female judge was simply affirmative action were forgetting that 94 percent of justices up until this point have been white.

“The first Black person to join the Supreme Court was 1967,” she said, referring to the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. “I wouldn’t say it was anything but time.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Scroll up to watch a clip from today’s episode.

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Please…..would someone explain to Simple Joy that we are not a Democracy!! We are a Representative Republic! It’s funny to hear her thoughts regularly because she continually advocates for leaders who “ONLY’ align with her beliefs.

libs are sooo dumb

these are the absolute worst people on tv, nobody cares about ur view. and who wants to watch a table full of karens talk with nobody opposing their views, what's the point.

My Cozy Cottage Findings

I would like her to actually tell us what the definition of DEMOCRACY is. I BET THEY CANT. They throw the word around and have no idea what it means.


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