President Biden bought a Kamala Harris mug from a small D.C. shop. It sold out in three hours.

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleHe may be commander-in-chief, but on Tuesday, President Joe Biden had some very normal activities on his schedule – shopping and getting ice cream. While at Honey Made, a small local boutique, Mr. Biden spoke to reporters and bought some souvenirs – including a mug with Vice President Kamala Harris on...

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Barbara Kessler

sold out...sure if there was only 1 mug. and he had ice cream...sure, plenty of ice cream in January. just another photo op.

Bart Jackson

Thursday January 27th 2022. It is a very slow day in the newsroom. President eats ice cream and buy a coffee mug. Everything is under control. Covid19 not a problem. Inflation is nothing to worry aboutSouthern Border business as usualRussia is helping Ukraine at it's border.

pick one?

He may be commander in chief and his daily activities doing nothing when does he have time to buy mugs and get ice cream when the world is turned upside down possible World War III brewing and violent crimes all over the United States with our borders wide open smuggling people all over the United States secretly! You would think if he was a real commander in chief he wouldn’t have time to buy ice cream!


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