The 22-Year-Old Designer Flipping Thrifted Socks and Cables Into Heels

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Vogue Magazine
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There’s a changing of the guard in fashion and culture. Gen Z creators are pushing the conversation forward in ways both awe-inspiring and audacious. Our latest project, Youthquake, invites you to discover how these artists, musicians, actors, designers, and models are radically reimagining the future. Blame William Shakespeare....

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Sharon Washington

Good for you young lady followed your dreams . And do the dam thing. I no you gone have a lot of haters but what God got for you it is for you. ❤️

Some People

I love how the young is stepping up and showing what they can do. There’s so many new things that come out every year so why not do what you know how to do to help others and show your talents. Everyone has a talent but not everyone knows what it is. I’m glad she found hers and sharing it with the world. Good job young lady

Reign bell

"Creative Design"Great Job Keep Going ,Keep Learning & Evolving Young Lady Reach Your Goals For The Fashion World"!#BlackGirlsRock👑


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