Pete Davidson Finally Explains How He Managed To Charm Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande And More

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Of all the unbelievable things that happen in this world, people seem to be caught up on the fact that Pete Davidson seems to be able to pull some of the world’s most desirable and popular ladies. The SNL star previously dated Kate Beckinsale and was once engaged to Ariana Grande....

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R J Philpott

don't know why a nice guy like Pete would settle for her vapid lifestyle other than her looks. She had 4 kids with Kanye, for christsakes! Run, Pete, run! she is not someone to " bring home to your mom!!!"

Barbara Cartwright

It's interesting to me how many people are commenting on Pete's looks. He looks how he looks. Having to have a beautiful person as your companion has NOTHING to do with anything ... unless YOU'RE feeling some kinda way about YOURSELF. I'd rather have a guy who loves me and wants to be with me than a guy who is looking for his next trophy... been there. Beauty fades. True love is everlasting.

Dirty Cee

Truth be told......he probably just pulled his pants down! They say Pete's half human......half Anaconda from the waste down! Pete's more then likely pushing her ovaries back and she likes it. It's alleged that she came out recently and said that Kanye is horrible in bed! She got her a real one now!


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