White Woman Yells 'Black Lives Matter' While Fighting Black Man In Elevator

BIN: Black Information Network
BIN: Black Information Network
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The internet is buzzing with debate after a shocking video shows two masked elderly white women attacking an unmasked Black man on an elevator.The shocking video was first posted to TikTok but has since made its way to Twitter where people are wondering what is really going on.

"Get out, get out," both the elderly women and the man yell back at each other. The camera is moving wildly in the commotion, with arms flailing about before one of the women tells the man, "Do not touch me," while pulling down her mask . The man replies, "I didn't touch you."

"Did you just hit me?" the man asks a few seconds later in the video. One of the women and the man each have their cellphones out, filming the incident, which many online speculate started over mask wearing and who was on the elevator first.

The video takes a turn, however, when the elderly woman filming blurts out, " Black Lives Matter " while the other seemingly shoves the man toward the door trying to get him off.

"Black Lives Matter?" the man confusingly repeats while the shoving and yelling continues. "I'm not getting out," he says, "I was here first."

The video has been video on Twitter nearly 2 million times, with many social media users confused as to why the women invoked "Black Lives Matter" in the first place.

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Danielle-Melique Lindsay

these old hags are embarrassing themselves and make no sense unfortunately this mental illness at its best its a cancer that needs to be cut from the core out


is it just me or does it seem everyone's phone must be on record all the time. there's no way I could get into a physical confrontation with someone and be able to get my phone to start recording at the same time🤣🤣


that the whole point of them wearing their mask...duh. A little aggressive, that's an understatement. If I'm ever in an elevator with you, and you have on your mask and I don't, please do yourself a favor & keep your hands to yourself. I have no problem going upside your nugget. Respectfully


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