Celine Dion pleads with fans to 'be kind' as she shares important mental health message

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Cover picture for the articleIt has been a difficult few months for Celine Dion who was forced to temporarily step away from her music career to focus on her health and on Thursday she had a message for fans which is sure to spark a heartfelt response. The My Heart Will Go On...

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Tammy Lynn

wow...she asks for fans to be kind....I see nothing kind in most of these comments.Prayers for this lovely lady who's talent has brought joy to us through her music...even after losing the love of her life. I have to say, the majority of 'humanity' just churns my stomach at the hurtful, downright rude and thoughtless manner in which we, without hesitation, hurt one another. Just sickening and shame on you all.Again, prayers for Celine and anyone else struggling in whatever way...mental health, physical ailments, financially....any of the countless ways this life can bring struggle. You are not are never alone. I would love to offer my assistance, be it a listening ear or just a shoulder to cry on, to any who need it.Peace and love to us all


She doesn’t look healthy I hope she recovers from whatever she has . She is one of the most talented performers out there . Her voice is amazing.

Gerri LaGrange

I know how hard it is to grow old I know how hard it is to watch your body Fall apart I'm an older lady who was once a very beautiful lady although I'm still quite beautiful it is hardening to watch yourself fall apart or gain weight or lose weight however it is but I've accepted myself for who I am today at 63 soon to be 64 I never realized the changes that would happen within myself through the years I don't think any of us really understand until we get there with aging and you must all realize we grow old and we can manage it and we will get on with life. I send prayers to this wonderful talented lady that she realizes that we growing old get it understand most of us have no money and are living on a fixed income while she has everything that most people don't I hope you get the help you need and realize how hard it is for those of us that are walking and doing the things to keep our health better to keep on moving. God bless you my dear please get better and show the world you can


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