'Momma Bear Did Not Approve': Bear High-Fives Driver in Viral Video With Over 10M Views

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"That could [have] ended terribly but it didn't so I'm happy," said one...

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Joseph Reid

Unfortunately, one day that bear is probably going to have to be “put down” because it mauled someone or ate somebody’s baby…that’s why you aren’t supposed to feed them. When they get use to people, bad stuff happens.

Sharon McNeely

If anyone noticed, the mama started walking toward the vehicle at the end of the video. I think that young bear has been fed from a vehicle before and thought the driver had food. The driver was very fortunate because while he/she was concentrating on the bear the mama could have been there in seconds and done some pretty serious injuries to the face and chest area! People just don't think before they act and do not respect wildlife as they should! This young bear seems already to have lost his fear of humans and that usually ends up with euthanasia! Sad!

The Wise guy

It may look cute but believe me you do not want to be around a mama bear with cubs here in skyline Drive that is Virginia by the way we avoid them because the mother is overprotective and she will make a mess of you if you want a good example there’s a Leonardo DiCaprio movie I can’t think of the name but he is attacked by a bear in it and that’s being mild about it


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