Woman sparks debate after revealing she was called out for wearing crop top to a job interview

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The Independent

Rule of thumb: dress for the job you want. This TikToker took that advice literally when she revealed in a viral video that a hiring manager called her “unprofessional” for wearing a crop top to a job interview .

In the TikTok , Em records herself in the car wearing a short-sleeve red crop top. The voiceover says, “He asked me why I wore a crop top to an interview and said it was unprofessional.”

Em cuts the video to show the location of the interview, a Twin Peaks restaurant, and a uniform. “If you know, you know,” she says.

The video received over one million views, and TikTokers backed Em’s clothing choice in the comments.

The top comment came from user @kaylana1998, who said, “You have to dress for the part. You don’t dress the same for an interview at Walmart vs a bottle girl at the club.”

Another user did the same as Em and wore a crop top to her interview at Twin Peaks: “Yup I wore a crop top and got hired on the spot!” According to TikTok user Amber, “The best rule is dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”


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Susan Magnuson

Men are going to agree with whatever she's doing as long as she's got her clothes off. She knew she wasn't going to be hired because of her IQ.


Maybe people should have respect and wear actual clothes for job interviews… being in management for 20 + years, I would absolutely not hire anybody who doesn’t have enough decency to dress properly. Sweatpants, leggings, crop tops, ripped jeans are not acceptable. If you don’t have enough respect to change out of pajamas, then why would I think you can be reliable for anything

Ray Ray

maybe she doesnt look as good as she thinks she does. she might have to find a job where she has to actually work with her hands and actually live off the sweat of her back.


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