New movie earns top spot on Netflix viewership


“The Royal Treatment” was the most-watched English-language movie on Netflix over the past week, with viewers spending 42.49 million hours watching the romantic comedy in its first four days of release, according to figures released Tuesday by the streaming service.

The romantic thriller “Brazen” dropped one spot to second with 28.57 million hours watched between Jan. 17 and Sunday, 37% less than the 45.34 million hours watched the previous week when it was available for four days.

Two other films were on the latest top 10 that were not on the previous week’s.

The World War II drama “Munich — The Edge of War,” was sixth with 11.11 million hours watched in its first three days of release. The romantic drama “After We Fell” was seventh with 8.98 million hours watched in the first seven days it was available.

Dropping out of the top 10 were the 2011 Adam Sandler-starring romantic comedy “Just Go With It,” the science fiction thriller “Tides” and the 2018 coming of age thriller, “The Clovehitch Killer.”

“Don’t Look Up” dropped one spot to third with 17.13 million hours watched, 39.7% less than the 28.39 million hours the previous week. The satire was watched for 367.04 million hours in the first 31 days it was available.

“Red Notice” was eighth with 7.31 million hours watched, increasing its total to a record 438.71 million hours in its 73 days of release through Sunday.

Netflix’s most-watched television program was “Ozark,” with viewers watching the first seven episodes of the crime drama’s fourth and final season for 77.01 million hours in their first three days of release.

The horror series “Archive 81” rose five spots to second with 70.98 million hours watched of its eight episodes in their first full week of release. Viewership was up 219.4% from the 22.22 million hours watched the previous week when it was available for three days.

The first season of “Ozark” was among two other programs in the latest top 10 not in the previous week’s, placing fifth with 24.48 million hours watched of its 10 episodes.

The other was the third season of the dating series “Too Hot to Handle,” third with 41.1 million hours watched of its 10 episodes in the first five days they were available.

Dropping out of the top 10 were the first season of the fantasy drama “The Witcher,” the second season of the canceled NBC supernatural drama “Manifest” and the third season of “Cobra Kai,” the sequel to the 1984 film “The Karate Kid.”

The previous week’s leader, the limited series “Stay Close” dropped to fourth with 26.98 million hours watched, 49.8% less than the 53.72 million hours watched the previous week, in its second full week of release.

The 10 most-watched English-language movies on Netflix were “The Royal Treatment”; “Brazen”; “Don’t Look Up”; “The Secret Life of Pets 2”; “Riverdance: The Animated Adventure”; “Munich — The Edge of War”; “After We Fell”; “Red Notice”; “Back to the Outback”; and “Mother/Android.”

The 10 most-watched English-language television programs on Netflix were the first part of the fourth season of “Ozark”; the first season of “Archive 81”; the third season of “Too Hot to Handle”; the limited series “Stay Close”; the first season of “Ozark”; the fourth season of “Cobra Kai”; the second season of “The Witcher”; the first season of “Manifest”; the second season of “Cheer”; and the second season of “Emily in Paris.”

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WA Nasty Woman

ever think because we are board and desperate for any decent continent now that most of crud is either old or foreign content with drab story lines. not that it was fmgood?


This being a "most watched" just illustrates how desperate and doomed we are.


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