Janet Jackson Addresses Longtime Rumor That She Had A Secret Baby In 1980's

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Janet Jackson is speaking out about the pesky, 35-year old rumor that she gave birth to a secret baby with ex-husband James DeBarge in the 1980's. In a clip from her upcoming self-titled documentary, Miss Jackson denied the long-standing rumors, saying:

“I could never keep a child away from James. How could I keep a child from their father? I could never do that. That’s not right."

The star when on to share that the speculations of a potential pregnancy began to spread during Season 4 of the hit NBC series Fame, in which Jackson starred as Cleo Hewitt. The Grammy Award winning star revealed:

"A lot of the kids thought I was pregnant ’cause I had gained weight and I had started taking birth control pills. And back then, you could pick up weight taking them, and that’s what happened to me, so that rumor started going around.”

Legendary actress and star of Fame, Debbie Allen, spoke in the upcoming doc about hearing the pregnancy rumors during her time on set with Jackson.

“These were rumors that were just flying around, honey, like hash in a diner. Where was the baby? Nobody saw a baby. I mean, she was there with us all day, every day. Where was the baby?"

The alleged baby bombshell isn't the only hot topic Miss Jackson plans to address in her upcoming documentary. According to reports, Justin Timberlake will make a surprise appearance in the two-night event, to open up about the infamous 2004 Super Bowl nip-slip seen around the world.

Catch Janet Jackson , a two-night event premiering Friday, January 28th on Lifetime and A&E.

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I believe that She had a child ‘ There was a picture of Janet and James in the Right on Magazine and Janet Looked very Blowed and over weight

Angela Jenkins

People you don't know these peoples lives. Why are you judging her. They went through hell as kids. Now their adults. They still can't find peace from rumors. People need too sweep before their own doors before sweeping before someone else's. Mind your business. All these babies having babies today and Janet Jackson is the only one people are worried about having a child with her husband at the time if it were too be true. I dont think anyone of us were there. At least if it were true she was married at the time. no matter how short a time. kids now days don't bother. They also throw their babies away now days.

Dana Chatman

Rebe the older sister took care of her.. I heard back in the day… the girl looks like both Janet and him…she’s pretty.. that’s what they said back then 🤔


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