Rebel Wilson and her family twin in hot pink bathing suits

Beach birthday party! Rebel Wilson and her family twin in hot pink bathing suits The group went on a vacation to Fiji to celebrate their mother’s birthday.

Rebel Wilson is celebrating her mom’s birthday in the best way possible: by going to Fiji.

The actress shared some photos of herself and her family members with pink matching bathing suits, as they partied on the beach.

Rebel shared a post featuring photos of herself and her family members, all with matching ‘80s bathing suits with different phrases on them. Rebel’s and her sister Annachi’s bathing suit read “Let’s Get Physical,” like the famous Olivia Newton-John song, while her other sister, Liberty, read “Mama.” She matched her daughter’s birthday suit, which read “I got it from my mama.” “The Wilson sisters for the WIN!” Rebel captioned her post. She accessorized her look with golden sunglasses, black shorts and a black cover up.

In a post shared on Annachi’s Instagram account, she showed off her mother’s bathing suit, which matched theirs, only in black. “Happy birthday to my favourite Mumarazzi! love you and our matching outfits always,” she captioned the post.

Recently, Rebel is said to have signed on to Raya, an elite dating app. According to The Herald Sun, Rebel was active on the app and had her preferences set to all genders. During the past couple of months, she’s been linked with the tennis player Matt Reid, whom she had as her date for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA).

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They are ugly! The middle one by the little girl is standing weird like she had a stroke and that is not the hot pink color. Not cute at all. 🤮🤮

Donald Furnish

I used to wear a swimsuit until I got to fat, I looked like a walking pickle barrel and when I farted my swim trunks blowed off and a old woman passed out, that was a fun day 😎


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