I asked for a delicate moon tattoo – the artist messed it up so badly, people say it looks like a burnt cookie

The US Sun
The US Sun

A WOMAN'S dream of getting a delicate inking of a crescent moon has turned into a complete disaster.

Addison McCall, from Utah in US, shared the story time on her TikTok, where it's since taken the social media giant by storm, with over 227,000 people tuning in.
The dainty moon inking that Addison had found on Pinterest Credit: Tik Tok/ addi_mccall

According to her, she had decided to get a second inking after finding that the local tattoo salon was doing a "Friday the 13th" promotion - $13 (£9.54) for any inkings the size of a quarter dollar coin.

Whilst looking for inspiration online, she stumbled upon a simple crescent moon tattoo she wanted to get under her collarbone.

''That would be so cute,'' she recalled thinking.


Upon arrival, Addison was informed that it would an apprentice doing the work - but while she didn't have an issue with this, the final result was looking ''a bit rough''.

After a few days, things got progressively worse, so the salon agreed for a touch-up free of charge.

She asked them to connect the inner line and fill it in black so it looked more like a "solid, black, crescent moon".

"She [the apprentice] said ''yeah I got it'' and started talking to this other apprentice,'' Addison told the audience.

''They completely ignored me so I looked down and I have this – a chocolate chip cookie tattooed on me.''

To make matters even worse, she quickly then realised that the ''moon'' was also now raised because it was filled with ink.

"There was built-up scar tissue and you could feel it, you could feel the circle of ink.

"I can hardly confront them so I said thank you, got in my car and cried, it was the worst day of my life," she told her followers.

Viewers were quick to comment, with some sharing brutal reviews.

''It looks like a deranged button,'' one person described the new tattoo.

''OMG it’s a burnt [cookie] too,'' someone wrote.

''Chocolate chip cookie or as my hubby said - cigar burn,'' a third user thought.

A friendly user said: ''I came to comfort you but I have nothing.''

After waiting for month and a half for it to heal, Addison added that she ended up paying more than $330 for a cover-up work - a blooming flower surrounded by leaves.

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The new tattoo after the first attempt - Addison was not happy with it, so she decided to book another appointment Credit: Tik Tok/ addi_mccall
For some, it resembled a ''deranged button'', for others - a burnt cookie Credit: Tik Tok/ addi_mccall
Addison was able to get a cover-up several weeks later Credit: Tik Tok/ addi_mccall

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The tattoo really looks like what she was after and looks pretty.If that was the worst day of her life, she should consider herself very lucky.

Christy Aldape

the problem is she cares too much what people think. you approve a tattoo before it is done. she loved it, approved it, then heard what others thought about it.

Theresa Adams

Did you see a picture of this before the ink job? Should have complained before the needle started. Look like a moon to me.


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