China could recover US stealth fighter jet from South China Sea before US

Cover picture for the articleThe U.S. Navy is in a race against China to recover an F-35C Lightning II fighter jet that crashed in the South China Sea on Monday. The $100 million fifth-generation stealth fighter jet reportedly impacted against the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and then fell over the...

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Craig Langford

This is absurd!!! Why is there still a plane waiting to be recovered, and why are we not guarding the heck out of it??

I want to know

I can’t believe we would have a 100 Mio dollar aircraft without self-destruct! That should be a given! And for such a highly advanced plane to even have an accident like that is almost unbelievable! The avoidance technology on board of the plane should have been so up to par that an accident like that should be deemed impossible. Something else was going on…don’t ask me what but six people injured and the pilot too? Should have never happened!!!


Well , it is said...finders "keepers"...loser "weepers"...but not in this situation ! This aircraft is the "property" of the United States ! Hopefully , the Chinese will respect this "truth"...if not , all chinese properties and corporations that reside in the United States will be seized and the chance to recover such entities will be futile ! By the way ...soon there will be a embargo of all products made in china , if the world refuse...they will be barred from any business relationship in america !


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