Marjorie Taylor Greene smiles awkwardly as caller says she is ‘an embarrassment to the state of Georgia’

The Independent
The Independent

Marjorie Taylor Greene was left smiling awkwardly as a TV talk show caller said she was “an embarrassment to the state of Georgia ”.

The right-wing congresswoman was taking part in a call-in episode of the Night Talk show on local cable TV in her home state.

“I just want to say thank God for Joe Biden ,” the female caller said, causing Ms Green to turn and look at the hosts.

But the caller was not done and added, “she is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia”.

The criticism caused the Republican to tilt her head and purse her lips and force a smile in front of the camera.

The show’s host jumped to Greenes’ defence by saying, “Well, we all have our opinions.”

“Amen to that, and I’ve got mine,” the caller concluded.

It has been a busy week for Ms Greene, who on Tuesday endorsed J D Vance’s US Senate bid in Ohio.

“Our country is being taken over by an unholy alliance of leftwing radicals and corporate oligarchs who seek to undermine our God-given rights, destroy traditional American values and force us all to live under their woke authoritarianism,” Ms Greene said in a statement.

“It’s time to start electing strong conservatives like JD, who put people over politicians and understand exactly what we’re up against, and don’t just talk a good game on cable news, but who actually have the courage to fight back against the radical left to save America and stop Communism.”

Ms Greene is a conspiracy theorist who was permanently suspended from Twitter earlier this month for violating the platform’s policy on Covid-19 misinformation.

She was also stripped off her House committee assignments in Congress after her old comments resurfaced, which appeared to endorse violence against Democrats.

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She is an embarrassment to the Human race. If only someone would stuff a cork into both ends of her 60 odd feet of digestive tract, so we won't have to guess which end is spewing $#!+ .


She is not only an embarrassment to her state, but also to the Republican party that once had a reputation for integrity and intelligent leaders regardless of political agendas. Trump lead the way for her & other radical, propagandized right wingers that care nothing about the Democratic system of government, the Constitution or the overall well being of our country!

B4 Real

if she can dish out she better learn how to take it. now when is a rogue gang going to bang on her office door and demand she explain how she's waisting the tax payers money


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