Joe Rogan Says It’s ‘Very Strange’ to Call Someone Black Unless Person Is ‘100% African From the Darkest Place’


Cover picture for the articleUnfortunately, it’s time for another Joe Rogan-focused headline. During a recent podcast interview with oft-criticized conservative figure Jordan Peterson, as spotted by the nonprofit watchdog organization Media Matters, the UFC-commentating comedian made remarks about racial identity and skin tone that have since been called out as racist. The...

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Viva Satire !

A Psychiatrist responded that it's strange that the mentally ill are given Radio Shows, and Podcasts these days in lieu of psychiatric treatment.


Democrats call Harris black but she’s actually one quarter black and three quarters Indian from India . So really she’s the first Indian woman VP .

Kris Griffaw

So wait? Joe Rogan is a racist now too!!?? For insinuating that people's skin color almost always aren't actually black or white? My son, who is 7, watched I am Legend with me, he really liked Will Smith. He told me he really liked that brown guy, and I didn't correct him,and didn't feel the need to,because he wasn't wrong. As far as "black" American culture...well news flash, it's just one of the many parts of American US culture, black culture isn't a collective either, it's different everywhere, in the states and around the world, in Nigeria, I guess they gave their own "black" culture right? They speak differently, eat different food, just a whole different everything than say Louisiana "black" culture. People will do anything to put humans in categorized boxes, all Joe Rogan is saying is that it's silly to label people or cultures by a color, apparently that's racist now too...


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