Madea Makes Surprise Comeback In Netflix’s ‘A Madea Homecoming’ Trailer: Watch


When Tyler Perry announced the arrival of his 2019 film, A Madea Family Funeral , he shocked fans when he explained he would be retiring the iconic character. He explained that as he’d gotten older, he wanted to do something different and felt the character had “run out of things to say.” Yet, he didn’t want the finality of killing her off.

However, after revealing Madea stepping out of retirement and a slew of social media posts that many wrote off as Perry trolling from earlier this month, it appears Madea is officially back.

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On Wednesday (Jan. 26), Netflix released the trailer for A Madea Homecoming , which is set to premiere Friday, Feb. 25 . Reuniting the usual suspects—Tamela and David Mann as “Cora” and “Mr. Brown,” plus Cassi Davis-Patton as “Aunt Bam”—along with new arrivals to the franchise including Gabrielle Dennis, Brendan O’Carroll, Brandon Black, and more, the film revolves around family drama that ensues as Madea’s great-grandson graduates from college. This latest Tyler Perry Studios production marks Perry’s first Netflix original.

Upon the trailer’s release, the entertainment mogul took to Instagram, writing , “When I tell you I want you to laugh so hard that you can’t stop! I MEAN IT! We’ve been going through too much in this world! All I want this movie to do is just make you laugh out loud for real!” When deciding to bring Madea back, Perry shared with Entertainment Weekly, “I was looking at the state of the world and how polarized it is… nobody’s laughing. Nobody’s getting the chance to belly-laugh anymore. And I’m like, ‘What tool do I have in my arsenal that can bring that kind of laughter?'”

Perry also revealed part of the drama in his latest comedy centers around an LGBTQ plot as a way to prioritize inclusion in today’s climate: “How long does it have to be before you understand something? Even if you don’t understand, be open… I just think that if everything gets accepted in love, then you get a chance to see the person for who they are rather than what you think they are.”

Madea first debuted onstage in Perry’s 1999 play, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and onscreen in his 2005 feature film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman .

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Michelle Youngblood

I don't care if ur White, Black, Pink with Yellow polka dots, or Purple with Pink polka dots. We all bleed the same, and what we need to do is come together. It's not about race, but to just sit back and watch Madea make us laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt from laughter, and our eyes are so watery because we are having a good time watching a movie. I'm a 50 year old White women who loves watching Madea. U never know what she is going to do or get into.

David Allen

can't wait to see another Madea movie and laugh with you all. Madea is funny but has some lessons for us all if we listen and pay attention to her. Great job Tyler Perry we need more laughter and love in this world.

Cajun Gal

I'd love to watch trump in a political debate with Madea, with Kanye West being the narrarater, bring it SNL...


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