World’s brightest x-rays reveal COVID-19’s damage to the body

Cover picture for the articlePhotographs By Luca Locatelli AND ESRF, Human Organ Atlas. When Paul Tafforeau saw his first experimental scans of a COVID-19 victim’s lung, he thought he had failed. A paleontologist by training, Tafforeau had been laboring with a team strewn across Europe for months to turn a particle accelerator in the French...

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John Grose

what I find funny is you can't read the full article. no research comparisons to actually study. no chores if the actual x-rays, and when your try to go to the site. you can't get anything unless you subscribed. so I did and still nothing. just this one guy Paul Tafforeua and his studies with a "team" across Europe. no actual labs, colleges, facilities other than a particle collider, ( which has no ability to project microwaves, and the ESRF which is laughable..... more scare tactics...


I don't believe what is being scanned is covid. Probably whatever is injected from the non-vaccine is what's being seen and this person's being funded to say it's covid.

Linda McWilliams

They are discovering now in the UK, Isreal and EU that those that have caught COVID and recovered has a ticking time bomb in them with the virus quietly doing damage only to be discovered much later . It is nothing anyone should want to catch .


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