Woman reveals awkward moment boyfriend mistook her positive pregnancy test for Covid test

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This TikTok gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “I tested positive”.

In a hilarious video that now has over 16 million views , TikToker Hannah Alexis Grace shared her boyfriend’s confused reaction to finding out she’s pregnant over text.

The TikTok begins with screenshots from the couple’s conversation, with a voiceover saying “Here’s how telling my boyfriend I’m pregnant went.”

Hannah tells her partner, Charlie, that she finally knows why she feels ill, and sends him a picture of a positive pregnancy test. His response? “Are you joking me”.

He asks his girlfriend if anyone knows she’s positive, to which she responds with the name of two pals. After swapping a few expletives, he says, “Well we’re both gunna have to isolate for 10 days.”


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It seems as if he was thinking of the other kind ofpositive. He even asked his girlfriend if she reckons her mother is positive too. Hannah saves Charlie from his mistake and tells him that she’s pregnant, to which he replies: “Omg.” Finally, an appropriate reaction.

The video racked up over two million likes, and TikTokers flooded the comments. “10 days isolation?? Try 18 years,” one user said. “When I was pregnant I showed my bf the ultrasound pics and he just shakes his head and says what’s this,” another one shared.

Some commenters were astounded that Hannah decided to announce her baby news to her boyfriend over text. “He thought it was a covid test because telling someone they’re going to be a father is not something that should be said through text,” said TikTok user who goes by the name Tara.

A TikToker named Stephen came to Hannah’s defense: “What’s wrong with people? If someone decides to tell someone she’s pregnant over text, why do y’all care? Congratulations to you both!” Hannah agreed, and said, “I am carrying and growing this baby for 9 months, I will tell him how I want.”

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you told your boyfriend you're pregnant through a text message...🤦🏻‍♀️

*Vickii Airmed*

😂😂😂 Haha I bet he wishes it was covid..but he got a baby 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Christine Riddle

I think it's super funny that commenters are finding fault with the method of communication rather than the fact this man doesn't know what a pregnancy test looks like NOR a covid test.


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