An apparently intoxicated fan challenged a UFC legend to a fight and quickly got punched in the face

A side-by-side image of Don Frye seen laughing at a UFC press conference and him during an altercation with a fan at UFC 270.
  • A fan at UFC 270 reportedly challenged MMA legend Don Frye to a fight.
  • Frye swiftly punched the fan, who he told TMZ was drunk, in the face.
  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If you see the UFC Hall-of-Famer Don Frye cage-side at an MMA event, don't challenge him to a fight.

Most people exist every day without feeling the need to challenge Frye, a 56-year-old renowned for winning UFC 8, to a punch-up. It's a remarkably easy thing to do.

But for one fan, who appears to have had a floor seat at UFC 270, a pay-per-view show that took place Saturday in Anaheim, California, the urge to confront Frye was seemingly impossible to resist.

If you know anything about Frye, you'd know it's a remarkably silly thing to do.

This is a guy who has been immortalized by the market-leading MMA firm as an early pioneer in combat sports.

It's also the guy who adopted a fighting style similar to rock'em, sock'em robots during a war with fellow slugger Yoshihiro Takayama, and came up trumps in a nasty match 20 years ago.

TMZ Sports cites Frye as telling the publication that the fan — who Frye said was drunk — bumped into his hat, and after an exchange of words, challenged him to a fight.

Though he did not hit him with full force, Frye smacked him in the face with a jab so mean it snapped the fan's head back.

You can see video of the altercation right here:

Clearly the old adage that playing silly games wins one silly prizes has never been truer.

It is unclear if the fan was ejected by security at the time, or allowed to remain in the building.

Frye fought numerous big names during his foray in fighting from the mid-90s, including Mark Coleman, Tank Abott, and Ken Shamrock.

He finished his career in 2011 with a pro MMA record of 20 wins (eight knockouts, 10 submissions, one decision, and one disqualification) against nine losses.

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Lack of respect, his mouth wrote a check that his face had to cash.


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