Shane West says he has 'a lot' of Mandy Moore's hair saved in a 'yearbook' from when they filmed 'A Walk to Remember' 20 years ago

Shane West and Mandy Moore at the "A Walk to Remember" premiere.
  • Shane West revealed he has "a lot" of Mandy Moore's hair from when "A Walk to Remember" was filmed.
  • The classic romance movie turned 20 years old this month.
  • Looking back on it, Moore said you "can't fake" the chemistry she and West had.

The teen romance drama "A Walk to Remember" turned 20 years old this month and Shane West told People he kept a souvenir to commemorate his experience on the film working with costar Mandy Moore .

"I have a lot of Mandy's hair," West said. "I hope, if it's still in that book. I haven't looked at that in years." The "book," West explained, was a "yearbook" he'd made to capture memories on set in North Carolina.

"I have everybody from the film that signed it and they put in great messages," he said. He didn't elaborate on how a lock of hair potentially got in there, but it was a presumably deliberate and consensual offering.
Shane West and Mandy Moore in "A Walk to Remember."

"A Walk to Remember" was released in theaters on January 25, 2002. An adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks book of the same name, it follows teenagers Landon Carter (West) and Jamie Sullivan (Moore) as they fall in love.

It's an example of the opposites attract trope at its best. Landon is a "bad boy" who rarely speaks to studious preacher's daughter Jamie until he's forced to join the school play. As they push each other out of their comfort zones, an undeniable spark develops between them that a tragedy threatens to destroy.

West and Moore have a similar magnetic energy on-screen, which is part of the reason why it almost instantly became a modern classic. The costars told People that they did have crushes on each other at the time, but West said they "always kept it professional" — in part because Moore was only about 17 years old while they were filming.
Mandy Moore and Shane West attend a ceremony honoring Moore with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 25, 2019.

The "Gotham" actor admitted that they "inherently cared about each other" although it never developed into anything romantic. "Mandy was not 21, so it was more of a loving thing where we were just all out to protect her," he said.

Moore understands why the movie is so beloved and believes that the connection she had with West is palpable and rare. "Somehow, we sort of just had this really natural, effortless chemistry with one another," she said. "And I think that comes across in the film and that's hard to get. You can't really fake that ."

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