Stephen A. Smith Blasts Steelers QB Mason Rudolph


This week, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN's First Take made it VERY known he is not in support of the Pittsburgh Steelers making Mason Rudolph their next starting quarterback.

This week, Smith held nothing back as he discussed the future of the Steelers passing game.

"The thought of Mason Rudolph being the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes me want to vomit," Smith said.

Smith continued, addressing head coach Mike Tomlin and general manager Kevin Colbert, saying they need to know Rudolph is not a starter.

"I want to be very, very clear about this. I'm a Steelers fan lifelong. We all know this," Smith said. "I have no problem with him being on the roster. You're Mike Tomlin, you're Kevin Colbert, you're the Rooney family you can't go into next season with Mason Rudolph as your quarterback."

The ESPN start pointed to Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes as reasons the Steelers need to find a superstar for their next quarterback. And as for Rudolph, Smith made it clear he should know his role on the roster.

"Know your lane, you're 5-4 as a starter, even though you ain't won a game two years as a starter," Smith said. ".. You've had moments and opportunities to impress folks. It hasn't been that impressive."

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Makes him want to vomit? A little dramatic isn’t he? Such a drama Queen to stay relevant…in his mind. Can’t take more than 3 minutes of his big mouth, no matter what the subject.


and Steven A is absolutely 💯 dead on...wtfffffff are the steelers thinking...ill rather rebuild with a rookie dual threat Qb

tanisha cooper

He's right and if ur a STEELERS FAN u wld kno that MASON RUDOLPH will not take the STEELERS anywhere in this league he hasn't WON us 1 game at all I AGREE with him that they need to continue there search before they make a final decision on him bcuz he isn't the way to go SORRY🤪


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