'Strict Modesty Rules': Bride Slammed for Firing Religious Sister as Bridesmaid Over Dress

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A woman online has opened up about how she has asked her conservative sister to step down as bridesmaid because she refused to wear the dress she...

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when I got married my bridal party was in 3 different states. All I asked was that the dress be a hunter green. My matron of honor is a size 2 my bridesmaid has a double d chest and my niece was in high school.. all needed different styles for their body types and my sister couldn't find a suitable dress in green for my youngest niece. hers was a fall fairy dress gold and green. We all looked good and no one was stressed or upset. little jackets can be made or sleeves etc. If she wants her sister there compromise

Crystal Stufflebeam

To be honest, it is the bride's day. The sister should excuse herself from. wedding party, The religious sister knew she would not relent her beliefs for her sister's choice of bridesmaid dresses. The bride is not being harsh, she was wanting to have her sister Involved. So she was trying . Maybe the religious sister can help with guest book or something else.

Valerie Franks

A lot of weddings now just have a chosen color for the brides attendants. They are then able to choose a style that they are comfortable with. They are usually the ones footing the bill for said outfit after all, so to be expected to wear a style that they are not comfortable with, isn't very fair.


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