Gucci Just Dropped A Brand New Bag With Old-School Inspiration


If you saw the House of Gucci movie, you’re probably still swooning over all the heritage bags toted around by Lady Gaga’s character, Patrizia Reggiani. While the film featured archival pieces, Gucci is known for doing an incredible job with modernizing their classic pieces via new releases. Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, is masterful at creating designs practical enough to hold both your contemporary belongings and their historical significance. Now, Michele has found inspiration in the vault of Gucci treasures and is blessing customers with a new bag: the Gucci Bamboo 1947 bag .

While Gucci bags are often easily identified by an interlocking GG clasp and canvas logo print, one of the brand’s biggest historical identifiers is the bamboo handle. Gucci started incorporating bamboo handles into bag designs back in 1947 (hence the name of the new bag) when traditional raw materials were scarce in the post-war era.

It didn’t take long for the handles to become beloved for both durability and aesthetics, and the house’s new Gucci Bamboo 1947 bag plays on the same appeal that first brought the brand’s bamboo styles to popularity—but with a modern twist.

The new handbag comes in three sizes: medium, small and mini and includes a shoulder strap that’s detachable and interchangeable. In terms of colorways , the lineup is particularly vibrant. Kelly green, marigold yellow and periwinkle blue accompany neutrals like black and cuir leather.

If you’re wanting to go bold and lean into the eccentric Harry Styles-era Gucci , the bag comes in a few colorful patterned leather and canvas styles that play on the signature GG monogram.

In accordance with the variety of personalities the Gucci Bamboo 1947 bags complements, the House has launched a collaboration with nine international artists to bring their own visions of the bag to life. Through visual digital mediums, photographers Maddalena Arcelloni, Lou Escobar, Katja Mayer, Theo Liu Xiangyu, Cho Gi-Seok, and Suzanne Saroff have digitally captured their interpretation of the bag’s modern essence. The collaboration also features work by artists Nico Ito, Samson Bakare and Everett Glenn.

Each artist portrays a unique vision with the Gucci Bamboo 1947 bag. Below, their artistic interpretations, featuring the gorgeous new bag in all its Gucci glory.

Theo Liu Xiangyu for Gucci

Samson Bakare for Gucci

Nico Ito for Gucci

Maddalena Arcelloni for Gucci

Lou Escobar for Gucci

Katja Mayer for Gucci

Everett Glenn for Gucci

Suzanne Saroff for Gucci

Cho Gi-Seok for Gucci

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