Chiefs fans show respect for Josh Allen with awesome gesture

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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Josh Allen played an incredible game in a losing effort against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, and fans at Arrowhead Stadium clearly appreciated what they saw from the Buffalo Bills star. They have since come up an awesome way to show it. More than 9,500 Chiefs fans...

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Po' Lil' Tink Tink

So this proves that there is NO REASON as society, we couldn't find solutions to many of our country's issues. We just choose not to....But this is a good start.

Michael Boston

I wish their were more stories like this one that we see and here daily. Hopefully, the Super Bowl is as.nail biting as this one. This is what I called a football game.

Donald Schorr

That is so inspiring for the team and their fans for showing respect. I am a Bengal's fan so I'll be rooting for them and hope that I would show the same amount of sports conduct. Yes, the Bills battled in this game and might turn out to be the most thrilling game in this year's playoffs.


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