Internet Backs Bride Uninviting Adoptive Parents From Wedding in Favor of Biological Ones

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The bride says her parents told her "if I insist on putting my biological parents before them, then I shouldn't invite them to the...

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Sally Martinez

Wow, to treat the people who took you in as a baby, loved you, protected you and supported you while growing up like trash is disgusting. I wonder if she expects them to pray for the wedding? I can understand wanting to invite her biological parents and siblings but to not allow her dad to walk her down the aisle after they did all the hard work is a slap on the face. For her birth parents to swoop in now and try to take credit for raising her is a slap in the face to the parents who loved and raised her. Of course they are deeply hurt and their daughter has handled this badly.

Alfred Bonnabel

Sorry to hear her parents were uninvited to the Wedding of their daughter. I am adopted, not married and never felt it necessary to look for my biological mother and father. THEY gave me up and that's that.

Sunny Deserts

I am an adoptee. I would never disrespect my parents who adopted me. I was 5 when adopted and when I think of all the homes I could have ended up in all I have is blessings to count! I now know several of my biological family and have been able to combine the families to a point. Never at the cost of my parents. They fed me, clothed me, taught me right from wrong ... they totally raised me. This girl is being extremely short sideded. Adoptive parents often deal with the emotional issue of possibly being cast aside for a 'real' family . . try walking in their shoes a little bit.


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