I named my son using the first 11 letters of the alphabet in order… and I’ve got his Covid passport to prove it

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The US Sun

A DAD has reportedly given his son a name that encompasses the first 11 letters of the alphabet in order.

The Indonesian family named their 12-year-old son ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu to medics' disbelief after he revealed his ID to get his Covid-19 vaccine in October last year.
ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu shows proof of his name embroidered on his shirt Credit: Newsflash
It came to light after the child had to show his ID to get a Covid-19 vaccine Credit: Newsflash
His name is reportedly inspired by his dad's love of crosswords Credit: Newsflash
ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu goes by 'Adef' for simplicity Credit: Newsflash

Officials were stumped by his unusual name when he showed it during his appointment on the island of Sumatra.

Images of the boy’s paperwork and a name tag embroidered on his clothes showed his name as ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu.

According to the Indian Express, the family decided on the unique name due to the father's love of crosswords and writing.

“I prepared the name for six years before he was born,” the boy’s father, Zulfahmi, said.

“The idea came from when I wanted to be a writer. Until now, I still love to write."

The boy's first name Zuzu was derived from his parent’s names, Zuhro and Zulfahmi.

But he he goes by the simplified nickname of Adef.

Medics at the vaccination centre did not believe ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu was the lad’s real name and he had to explain the reason and provide proof, it has been claimed.

The 12-year-old boy has two older brothers with more normal names, Ammar and Attur, after their father lost the battle to call them NOPQ RSTUV and XYZ respectively.

A Belgian family reportedly named their 11 children using a variation of the same four letters.

Gwenny Blanckaert and Marino Vaneeno’s kids all share names that only have the letters A, E, L and X in them.

The family of seven girls and four boys is also expecting baby number 12 - a boy - in April next year.

Their eldest, 13, is called Alex and then there's Axel, 12, Xela, 11, Lexa, 10, Xael, 9, Xeal, 8, Exla , 5, Leax , 4, Xale , 2, Elax, 1, and six-month-old Alxe..

In 2019, Gwenny and Marino said they planned to have more kids after giving birth to their ninth, who they named Xale, according to HLN.

Explaining why they chose such a unique way of naming their brood, Gwenny said: "We named our oldest son after Marino's stepfather because we thought it was a beautiful name.

"The name of our second son became Axel and after that we started puzzling."

She later added: "We realized that they were the same letters, so we decided to continue like this."

Speaking recently with Dutch media, the couple said they were "over the moon" about their new son.

Gwynne said: "It will be a boy. That will bring the final score to 7-5. Seven girls and five boys."

The couple have said they have no intentions of having any more kids after number 12.

Gwenny said: "Right from the start we had set the bar at twelve. And we will stick to that.

"The day that we sit around the table with twelve children, our family is complete."

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Parents should be more thoughtful when naming their children, don't think about the parents think about the kids that suffer the social consequences for what their parents believe is cute.


Poor kid! Hi you want to play with me? Sure. My name is mason oh hi mason my name is abcdef ghijkl!!! Ok let’s play abcdef ghijk .

Sarah Sunshine

Think about your child future will a employer call probably not, other children bullying them as well . children are not toys there tomorrow 😃❤️


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