Rex Ryan tears up Aaron Rodgers, saying if he goes to Denver he will be the third best quarterback in the division

Cover picture for the articleRex Ryan is great, and when he talks many do not take him serious, but when it comes to ruffling feathers, he is a superstar. When speaking on “Organized Chaos” Podcast, the former Jets/Bills coach commented on how bad of a move it would be for Aaron Rodgers moving to the...

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Jeremy Smart

not a huge Rex Ryan fan but I'm not so sure he is wrong on this. Rodgers probably would be 3rd best in that division... he would definitely be on the 3rd best team. The upside to Mahomes and Herbert is their arm talent is as good if not better than Rodgers and It's for sure time is on their side not aarons.


If it weren't for his famous father Buddy, Rex Ryan would be a no name and nobody would care what he said.

Jonathan Stapp

Rex would say that him and his dad always got bear the "over the hill" QB types. Drew Lock or Aaron Rodgers that's a tough choice lol. If Denver had Mahomes or Hebert he has a point but other than that he's just taking a shot at Rodgers because the packers used to smoke his Jets team lol


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