Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Deemed 'Unhappy' In US Following Alleged Plans Of Selling Montecito Mansion

Business Times
Business Times

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "may never find" a better life in the United States. An expert speculated that the couple might not be happy after all, according to The International News.
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Speaking to Closer, Duncan Larcombe explained his insight on the matter, adding that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could return to the United Kingdom. He cited the previous allegations that the pair are making "private inquiries" as they try to sell their home in Montecito as his base reason.

The royal biographer stated that if the reports are true, then "it is a big red flag in terms of how happy they are" in their new life outside the British Monarchy. He, later on, deemed the potential relocation of the former working royals "interesting."

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Andrea Patterson

Unhappy in England, Canada and America. Try the solitude of a deserted island. It's really a win one to make you unhappy and we never have to hear about them again. Win Win!


She's never been a B-lister actress. She was a D-lister with not much of a celebrity resume. She thinks she should be associating with big name celebrities, most of whom want nothing to do with her. She probably thought that marrying Harry would be her ticket to high society.

Treza Sofia

They will never ever be happy. That’s a relationship based on resentment, disrespect to their own families, mental issues exposed and exploited to make money. They don’t know about resilience and they live focussing on how we must be sorry for them and how they’re better than anyone for charities that are forced because they want to keep appearances. I was a huge fan of Meghan who became my biggest disappointment.


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