Australian Open quarter-final: Medvedev beats Auger-Aliassime in five-set epic – as it happened

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That was an epic match – and credit is due to Auger-Aliassime, who dominated in almost all the statistics apart from three, second-serve points won, unforced errors made and break points won. The Canadian won only two of 11; Medvedev took three of five. His time will surely come, though. There is still a mixed doubles semi-final to come in Melbourne, featuring home hopes Jaimee Fourlis and Jason Kubler. It’s almost 1am, folks! I’m going to wrap this blog up now, though. We’ll post the match report from Medvedev’s epic win here shortly. Thanks for reading. Goodbye.

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'I thought to myself, what would Novak do?'

Medvedev speaks: “I have no idea [how I hung in there]. I was not playing my best and Felix was playing unbelieveable. He was all over me and I do not know what to do. So I thought to myself – and some people won’t like this – what would Novak do?” Cue boos and cheers from the crowd (but probably mostly boos). “I just fight to the last point and manage to raise my level for the next game. I played better [when the roof was closed]. My hand was slippery [when the roof was open] so the roof closing helped my hand be less sweaty.” He faces Tsitsipas now, who he played in the semis last year, losing in three sets. “It’s the semi-final of a grand slam so even if if I am tired I am going to give it everything. Last year I managed to play pretty well. Let’s hope we can have a good match.”

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Medvedev beats Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 4-6!

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 4-6 Medvedev *

What a match! It’s a strong start from the Canadian, who returns two blistering first serves to get to 0-30. Medvedev makes his opponent miss to get back to 15-30 but hits long and Auger Aliassime has two break points. Medvedev wins the first quite brilliantly but the No 9 seed gives him the second one with a stiff forehand that lands wide. Deuce. A huge smash brings up match point and then Medvedev roars with delight as Auger-Aliassime hits long. The No 2 seed survives after going two sets down. Incredible resilience against a hugely talented opponent.
Daniil Medvedev takes the match. Photograph: Loren Elliott/Reuters

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* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 4-5 Medvedev

There’s some brave tennis from Auger-Aliassime, here. He could easily sit back and try not to make mistakes but he goes after his shots and adds to the spectacle. A ill-thought drop shot allows Medvedev to get back into the game at 30-30 and then he outlasts the Russian with sumptuous hitting from deep at the back of the court to bring up game point at 40-30. He looks gassed after that last point, though, and can’t recover a stinging Medvedev forehand. Deuce. He serve-volleys to stave off the imminent threat of a Medvedev match-point but finds the net when he could put the game away. After a couple of bruising points, he finally gets there. Medvedev will have to serve for the match.

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Some news for you:

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Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 3-5 Medvedev *

The Canadian does still have something left. He forces Medvedev to thrash a forehand long at 40-30 and gets a chance at deuce. The Russian feels the pressure, double-faulting to give Auger-Aliassime a break point. But the No 9 seed has no answer to a brilliant flat, wide serve from Medvedev. Another fine save. Some incredible defensive play when the Canadian was dominating the rally keeps Medvedev in it at deuce. He hangs in there and will make Auger-Aliassime serve to stay in the match.

1.10pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 3-4 Medvedev

Auger-Aliassime has struggled in the longer rallies and he does here again as his more experienced opponent takes the first point thanks to his better on-court craft. He still has that big first serve, though, and he uses it to great effect to get back to 15-15 and then he follows it up and dominates the next point from the net to get back in front at 30-15. Medvedev is superior in the next rally after jumping in on a second serve and then he hangs in there to force deuce. The Canadian still has enough in the tank to hold his serve but after another battling game has he got enough fuel left to attack Medvedev’s serve and break back?

1.02pm GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 2-4 Medvedev *

The Canadian’s ankle is wrapped up nice and tight and we’re back under way at exactly midnight in Melbourne. It’s a rapid hold to love. Medvedev must fancy getting some sleep. It’s way past his bedtime.

12.57pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 2-3 Medvedev

Auger-Aliassime is struggling. He has a little wobble mid-game, finding the net with a weak backhand to allow Medvedev back into it at 30-15. The Canadian finds a big serve. 40-15. And then the Russian shows great craft as he wins a lengthy rally to recover to 40-30. Then the Canadian balloons a forehand towards Tasmania and we’re at deuce. Oh dear. He has enough in the tank to battle to game point and take it, though. An important hold. And then he calls for the trainer to get some more strapping applied to his ankle so we’ll have a little delay.

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12.50pm GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 1-3 Medvedev *

I’m no psychologist but I’d be feeling a bit crushed if I was Felix Auger-Aliassime. He’s played amazingly well today but is heading for defeat unless he breaks the Russian again. The youngster is barely in this game, with Medvedev racing through the gears to hold to 15.
Felix Auger-Aliassime takes a moment between games. Photograph: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images

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12.47pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 1-2 Medvedev

What’s this? A rare double fault from Auger-Aliassime! 0-15. A big first serve gets him level at 15-15 very quickly though … but then he tries to be too cute at the net and jabs a backhand volley into the net. Medvedev hangs in there in the next point and waits for the Canadian to err with a wild forehand. 15-40 and two break points! Oh dear. A second double fault from Auger-Aliassime gives Medvedev a crucial – potentially match-winning – break.

12.43pm GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 1-1 Medvedev *

It’s a tricky service game for the Russian. He struggles to get control in points and is very quickly facing two break points. He saves the first … and Auger-Aliassime tries but fails to dispatch a second serve to allow his opponent to get back to deuce. The Canadian is kicking himself after that but focuses his game again. Medvedev, meanwhile, misses an easy volley at the net to give the Canadian another break point. He saves this one with a huge first serve and then keeps his nerves in check to hold. Newcastle should consider signing Medvedev. He’s a great defender.

12.37pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 1-0 Medvedev

Surely you have to fancy Medvedev now. Momentum is a powerful thing in sport, but the Canadian has won three of his four five-setters. Medvedev has won just two of the nine he has played in his career. It’s a comfortable hold for the Canadian here. He lands his first serve three times in a row and whips an incredible backhand winner down the line to bring up game point at 40-0. Another first serve and the game is his.

12.29pm GMT

Medvedev wins the fourth set 7-5 to level the match at 2-2!

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-7 Medvedev *

The No 2 seed is full of beans now. Everything appears to be hitting the sweet spot until he double faults at 40-0. Maybe he’s feeling it too much because he fires a forehand long and then cedes ground to his opponent, with a weak return. Deuce! But then Medvedev wins an outrageous point – a volley that requires lightning quick reactions – and follows it up with an ace to take this incredible match to a fifth and final set.
Joy Daniil Medvedev as he takes the match to a fifth set. Photograph: Loren Elliott/Reuters

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12.24pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-6 Medvedev

Medvedev hangs in there on the first point and waits for Auger-Aliassime to get impatient and force a forehand long. 0-15. But then it is he who overjuices a forehand. 15-15. The 9th seed shows great craft as he pulls Medvedev around court before smashing home a volley winner to get his nose in front again. But Medvedev shows gumption again, getting back to 30-30 and then producing a lovely whipped backhand to bring up deuce. Auger-Aliassime errs again as he booms a forehand long to give Medvedev a break point. And the Russian takes it, showing great resilience and making the Canadian chase the point and hit wide. Medvedev will serve for the second set.

12.16pm GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-5 Medvedev *

It’s not an ideal start for the Russian, as he misses with a forehand to give the Canadian a chance at 0-15. But he sticks in there and a fine forehand down the line gets the score back to 30-15. “Ooooh!” The tension in the crowd is palpable after Medvedev hits long to give Auger-Aliassime another chance at 30-30. And then he has match point as the Russian double-faults! Is the No 2 seed about to tumble out? Not a chance! He booms down three big serves and roars with relief after a huge hold.

12.11pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 5-4 Medvedev

Auger-Aliassime thrashes a tired forehand long to give his opponent a 0-15 lead but it’s soon 15-15 after a big first serve sets up a smash into empty court. Another error by the Canadian – a mishit into the net – gives Medvedev a sniff at 30-30. Auger-Aliassime hits wide wildly with a forehand and gives the Russian a break point. Is he feeling the strain? The first serve to bring up deuce suggests not. And another two thunderous serves take him a game away from the match. What a great show of character. Over to you Daniil.

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Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 4-4 Medvedev *

Medvedev tries to take the initiative by coming to the net but a weak backhand volley allows Auger-Aliassime to fire at the Russian’s body and take the first point. But, as in the previous game, this only enlivens the server. Medvedev holds to 15. Are we heading for another tie-break?

12.02pm GMT

* Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 4-3 Medvedev

Thanks John. After dropping the opening point, the Canadian gathers himself and blasts through to hold to 15. On we go.
Felix Auger-Aliassime with a backhand shot Photograph: Loren Elliott/Reuters

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12.00pm GMT

Time to join Gregg Bakowski for the conclusion of this match. Thanks for reading so far.

11.59am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 3-3 Medvedev*

Medvedev showing signs of a malfunction? He’s lost a little of his verve but then holds to 15. They are racing through this set.

11.55am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 3-2 Medvedev

Auger-Aliassime serves with venom to go to 40-0, and then serves to love.

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11.53am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 2-2 Medvedev*

Backhand return winner, a rare one, starts off the Medvedev service game and then comes a double fault, his sixth. A big serve and then an overhead levels it at 30-30. Then the hold is on, and a big noise goes up from him.

11.49am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 2-1 Medvedev

The Auger-Aliassime serve and forehand is still working, but Medvedev is playing better if still finding it hard to break his opponent. The last Russian break came way back in the first set, and he can’t do it this time, sitting down and complaining about something or other.

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11.45am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 1-1 Medvedev*

Medvedev misses a winner down the line, feels a long time since that happened. He’s looking far better than before, that’s for sure. But Auger-Aliassime’s service return for 40-30 is brutal, only for Medvedev to hold and issue his own roar.

11.41am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-7 1-0 Medvedev

This feels like a whole new ball-game, and Medvedev’s eye is in, as he goes to 30-30 on his opponent’s serve. He almost pulls off the impossible in a thundering rally but ends up losing it. Auger-Aliassime roars as he holds.

11.34am GMT

Medvedev wins the third set 7-6, Auger-Aliassime leads 2-1 on sets

That was not good timing, but seems to have aided Medvedev who rushes to 4-1 up. Auger-Aliassime then makes a mess of a winner to go 5-1 down. Oh dear. The third set surely now heading to the Russian. A serve is delayed by a ringing phone, but Auger-Aliassime wins that one after a shot into the net. Auger-Aliassime misses a winner down the line for 2-6. The first one is taken as Auger-Aliassime crashes into the net.
Daniil Medvedev tkes the third set. Photograph: Aaron Francis/AFP/Getty Images

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11.25am GMT

A break in play during the tie-breaker

Auger-Aliassime makes an early error, hitting the ball out for 0-1. Then misses his first serve, only for Medvedev to overdo his baseline shot for 1-1. Then a slip from Auger-Aliassime and it’s 1-2, a mini break. There’s some rain falling, and the umpire demands the roof is closed. Medvedev is only too happy to go and sit down to wait it out while the roof goes on, and the court is mopped.

11.21am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 6-6 Medvedev

A tie-breaker it is. We arrive at 15-15, then a fine return from miles back from Medvedev opens the door at 15-30. An overhead levels it at 30-30. Then a timely serve that Medvedev spinnakers into the stand. Then the same is true of the next point.

11.17am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 5-6 Medvedev*

Medvedev wins a close-quarters rally to get to 30-0, then it goes to 30-30 with the Russian being given a chasing around the court. Then a service return takes it to 40-30, and a hold on first service. Auger-Aliassime must serve to take it to a tie-break.

11.14am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 5-5 Medvedev

An unpromising beginning with a double fault is followed by the use of that forehand to win. Then that fails the Canadian to go to 15-30. Serve volleying then takes it to 30-30. Then he gets lucky with a net cord to drill a winner with Medvedev scrabbling. Then bullies home to save and hold. Now the pressure is back on Medvedev.
Daniil Medvedev with his eye on the ball. Photograph: Martin Keep/AFP/Getty Images

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11.09am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 4-5 Medvedev*

Medvedev continues to whinge at the ball kids. It’s their fault. And it goes to 0-30, the chance is on. But a good serve takes us to 15-30. And then it’s 30-30, the gap closed for now. And then Auger-Aliassime’s errors let back in Medvedev, who can get back into this with a break in the next.

11.05am GMT

Auger-Aliassime* 7-6 6-3 4-4 Medvedev

Medvedev is chatting to his coach as he makes a mess of a slight opening at 0-15. The coach, it seems, must take the blame. A huge smash from his opponent takes it to 30-15. Then some unlikely delicacy takes it to 40-15. The hold is duly completed.

11.01am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 3-4 Medvedev*

It’s a battle of the Medvedev serve and the Auger-Aliassime forehand that will decide this set, and the match. The Canadian messes up another drop, giving his opponent a chance to save, and we career towards the moment of truth.

10.58am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 3-3 Medvedev

Medvedev can’t get through that serve but Auger-Aliassime makes a mess of a drop shot on game point. Still, he has two more, and a serve at 40-15 takes the cake.

10.54am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 2-3 Medvedev*

The first point is a classic, and one where Medvedev gets to show off the pace around the court that was supposed to be his ticket to the semis. His speed wins it, a serve wins the second but then comes 30-15. Auger-Aliassime overdoes a return on second serve as it goes to 40-15. Medvedev holds once more.
Daniil Medvedev at the net. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

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10.51am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 2-2 Medvedev

Big, big serving to go 30-15, right on the line. Then 40-15, again taking the full 25 seconds to unleash his bow. And on second serve, he lands the service hold.

10.47am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 1-2 Medvedev*

A steepled smash for 15-15 is followed by on overcooked forehand from Auger-Aliassime but 30-30 comes around too after a Medvedev miss. Then an amazing return sets up a break point. Medvedev goes for broke on his first serve and misses, but saves with a forehand winner. And then holds serve. A relief but all is not well in Club Med.

10.43am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 1-1 Medvedev

A second-serve saver takes Auger-Aliassime to 15-15 as he looks far more nervous, and is slowing down his delivery. Still, he goes to 30-15 with a cruncher. Then comes another for 40-15 down the line, and the game. Medvedev can’t get through.

10.39am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 6-3 0-1 Medvedev*

Medvedev has only fought back from two sets down once before, last year at Wimbledon against Cilic. He’s put off by some squawking seabirds as he rabbits to himself and complains about the quality of the balls. The bad workman is blaming his tools with wobbles aplenty on show. He is taken to deuce. Then Auger-Aliassime misses a slice, only for another Medvedev error, then the Canadian nets for advantage. Medvedev holds but he is unhappy with life.

10.29am GMT

Auger-Aliassime wins the second set 6-3, leads 2-0

When serving for the set, a thunderous ace is a good place to start. Then comes another. Medvedev with no answer. Some serve-volleying and a blamming home of a winner gives him three set points. The first is taken as Medvedev wallops the ball way out of court
Felix Auger-Aliassime takes the second set. Photograph: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

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10.26am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 5-3 Medvedev*

Medvedev does seem to have recovered his serve, which may come in handy for a five-set recovery but he still has that forehand to contend with. Auger-Aliassime’s main weapon is proving a huge problem. A smash takes it to deuce, but the advantage falls to Medvedev, who then profits from a mishit.

10.21am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 5-2 Medvedev

Some nerves for Auger-Aliassime? The forehand wobbles a little but he soon enough races to 40-15, and a massive serve takes him to within a game of a two-sets lead.

10.19am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 4-2 Medvedev*

A quick hold, and a welcome hold for Medvedev.

10.13am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 4-1 Medvedev

Medvedev is not getting through, though does conjure an unlikely winner for 0-15. Auger-Aliassime is serving well, and confident enough to come forward while Medvedev is still sat so deep in the court.
Daniil Medvedev with a return from deep. Photograph: Dave Hunt/AAP

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10.11am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 3-1 Medvedev*

Not a good sign for Medvedev, who double faults again but at least he holds his serve this time.

10.06am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 3-0 Medvedev

Now, to further drive home the advantage. And how. An ace will do for starters. But a low backhand goes into the net for 15-15. He chases down a forehand to go to 30-15. Then another ace. Then a whipped crosscourt winner takes it.

10.03am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 7-6 2-0 Medvedev*

A break! Auger-Aliassime has Medvedev’s measure, and goes to 0-15 with a forehand pass. Then a double fault again. All is not well, but a good serve takes it to 15-30. Then Auger-Aliassime chops a backhand out for 30-30. A good serve takes it to 40-30. Then a wild shot from Medvedev and he’s annoyed with himself, and even more annoyed with himself when he blows an advantage. He gets another. But blows that, too. The radar is malfunctioning. A second serve lands another. That’s blown. And suddenly Auger-Aliassime has a break point, that a missed shot hands to the Canadian.

9.53am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 7-6 1-0 Medvedev

A comfortable hold for the Canadian, trying to drive home his advantage. He sees it out with an ace.

9.44am GMT

Auger-Aliassime wins the first set 7-6

Medvedev takes the first point after a lengthy rally. Then there’s a recovery of that booming forehand from the Canadian, and it’s 1-1 when Medvedev nets. Crashing forehand takes it to 2-1. An error takes it to 2-2, the mistakes creeping in. A double fault for 3-2 and a mini-break. “Let’s go Felix, let’s go” sing the rather annoying Canuck contingent. Fearsome forehands take it to 4-2, on the long ones he has too much power for the Russian, who is so far back he’s practically in the Yarra River. Medvedev then wins a point he has no right to win, only to double break to go 5-3 down. The errors are creeping in, and a fine return sets up three set points. The first is saved by a backhand winner. Then Medvedev goes long and it’s done after 61 minutes.
Felix Auger-Aliassime takes the first set against the Russian. Photograph: Morgan Sette/Reuters

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9.36am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 6-6 Medvedev

Break back. Auger-Aliassime misses for 0-15. Then again for 0-30. Then again for 0-40. All on the forehand. A long rally is won by a crashing smash to save the first break point. But he misses the next one and it’s a tie-break. That’s a chance blown.

9.32am GMT

Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid have made tennis history by winning a ninth consecutive grand slam title.

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9.31am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 6-5 Medvedev*

A break, a break. Nice footwork at 0-15 and Auger-Aliassime is playing confidently. He misses the next one. Then Medvedev nets to take it to 15-30. Auger-Aliassime then crashes off the net cord for 30-30. Then a forehand forces a first break point, it’s taken until the tenth game. A huge rally and it seems the Canadian has the upper hand, only for Medvedev to zip a winner and save the break. Then Medvedev, looking all at sea, saves himself with his speed and nous, and has an advantage. The umpire ended up catching the ball. Medvedev then misses the winner, and it’s back to deuce. Then he leaves the ball, misjudging it, and it’s another break point. A double fault, and the Canadian can serve this one out.

9.24am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 5-5 Medvedev

The pressure is now on Auger-Aliassime and he deliberates over his serves. He goes to 30-0 after winning a long rally on his backhand side. An ace takes it, and a good, confident hold.

9.20am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 4-5 Medvedev*

Amazing rally for 0-15, both players trying drop shots and then Auger-Aliassime winning it with Medvedev chasing everything down. It then goes to 15-30 after some loose baseline hitting from Medvedev. A decent serve levels it. Then a loose shot from Auger-Aliassime takes it to 40-30. Medvedev skids around the court to take the game.

9.15am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 4-4 Medvedev

Auger-Aliassime’s serve is holding up nicely, even when Medvedev is trying to find a way through. Both are serving well, and landing their first serves, too. That was a comfortable hold.
Felix Auger-Aliassime on serve. Photograph: Dean Lewins/EPA

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9.12am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 3-4 Medvedev*

The ground game of these two is very different, with Medvedev’s greater delicacy and variety getting the better of his opponent at the moment. Auger-Aliassime’s power is there but the radar off as he tries to get at the Medvedev service game.

9.08am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 3-3 Medvedev

Medvedev is beginning to glimpse a way through himself but for the moment, the Auger-Aliassime service game is doing its job for now.

9.03am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 2-3 Medvedev*

Auger-Aliassime’s power is troubling Medvedev, but he makes a mess after a rally and nets when the Russian was scrabbling. Then Auger-Aliassime smashes a winner after a lax smash. There is a way through but the Russian is picking up other points rather too quickly at the moment.

9.01am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 2-2 Medvedev

The games played on the Canadian’s serve really are slow, and there’s a double fault for 15-15. He seems a bit nervous about his massive serve. But for 30-30 he engineers a forehand winner, and then a skidding serve forces game point. Then a deep winner brushes the line, and despite Medvedev’s complaints, a service hold.

8.54am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 1-2 Medvedev*

Auger-Aliassime’s noises suggest he is being made to work by the Russian, who is serving well and making his opponent chase all over the court. A blasted ace takes the game.

8.52am GMT

*Auger-Aliassime 1-1 Medvedev

Auger-Aliassime starts with two crashing, winning serves, delivered with a hefty grunt and eventually holds. He is taking the full 25 seconds over each serve, and that doesn’t bode well. Medvedev’s complaints about needing a court with room are borne out by his taking to the back of the ranch.

8.48am GMT

Auger-Aliassime 0-1 Medvedev*

We begin with a service game to love from the Russian, the one blip being him needing a second service on 40-0 that leads to a long-ish rally. That looks like FAA’s route into this game.

8.46am GMT

Before we begin, a certain someone is planning his comeback trail.

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8.41am GMT

The toss is done , with Auger-Aliassime choosing to receive ahead of the knock-up.

8.39am GMT

The players take to the court, with Auger-Aliassime looking a bit nervous. There’s a pounding sound to greet him, that rather disturbingly sounds like that Numan advert for men’s things. Medvedev looks calmer. It’s rained outside and the roof is being opened, and it looks hot out there.

8.30am GMT

Looks lively down at Flinders Park.

8.22am GMT

Seems like Nick Kyrios has been doing Nick Kyrios things.

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8.01am GMT

Some quotes from Tsitsipas in post-match.

I am very, very happy with the way I served today and used my tactics. Having the crowd support, it is truly unbelievable. It is part of the game. You never know what to expect from the weather. I knew I was heading towards the right direction.

The conditions might have changed a little bit - slightly faster, not as bouncy - so my mind did. I tried to adapt and it just worked. I’m pretty sure my doctor is watching right now. We both didn’t expect for me to be here, it was not pat of our plan. He told me he didn’t see me playing in Australia but I proved him wrong.

He’s a big tennis enthusiast and I am happy I found the right person to bring me back even stronger.

8.00am GMT

News from the women’s singles , Danielle Collins enjoyed a 7-5 6-1 win over France’s Alize Cornet, and Iga Swiatek, beat veteran Kaia Kanepi 4-6 7-6 (7-2) 6-3 to set up Thursday’s semi-finals.

8.00am GMT


Stefanos Tsitsipas has just sped into the quarter-finals, making very short work of Jannick Sinner, to join Nadal, Berretini and the winner of this match, where Medvedev, perhaps the best player left in the tournament is favoured to join them. The Russian, second-seeded, yet actually top-seeded after all that Djokovic woe, has dropped just two sets to get here while the Canadian has dropped four, and beat Marin Cilic in four sets in the last round. Medvedev ended up apologising for his on-court behaviour in beating Maxime Cressy, saying: ““I was quite mad today because of a few things. I’m working on myself, and that’s why I managed to win and still kept my composure, as much as I could, because sometimes I go much more crazier than I did today.”

One of his main gripes was not playing that match on the Rod Laver Court but he gets his wish today. With all that laid out for him can he live up to the expectation?

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