Duchess Camilla delights royal fans in a stunning dress from Kate Middleton's favourite label

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Cover picture for the articleOn Tuesday evening, the Duchess of Cornwall hosted a very special event at Clarence House, which marked 50 years of Refuge charity - an organisation which offers specialist support for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Camilla met a variety of women at the event, including Culture Secretary Nadine...

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Scot St Hilaire

This blaimtenly fake lady needs to go away. She is the no doubt the cause of our princess'a death. I say OUR! In my opinion the world's Princess! Princess Kate will be almost as good. Charles needs to step off high horse and pass to his son.


There is nothing that this woman can ever wear that will make her look stunning it just isn’t possible…what’s that saying…you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Wilma Patrick

What does she care the price !The British!s are footing the bill!! you can bet the homeless that lays in streets give a hoot about what she is wearing they are just looking from where there next meal is coming from!And the news makes a big deal about what she is wearing!!Just when are all the leadersof these naitions going to take care of there of there own people !Stop wars!And people really won't to read about the Royals fancy dress Party's That's going on really???


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