Weatherman appears to fart on live TV and people are shocked


A weatherman in Louisville, Kentucky has been accused of farting live on air after a video of the incident went viral.

While reporting on a cold front coming in from the Midwest, WDRB meteorologist Marc Weinberg paused his broadcast and appeared to create a warm front by farting, before continuing with the weather.

Viewers of the unfortunate incident, and an entirely different kind of wind to feature in a weather report, posted the clip to social media, highlighting the incident even further though blaming the wrong weatherman.

Other Louisville-based media personnel also jumped on the bandwagon, sharing the embarrassing incident of their broadcasting colleague.

Matt Jones, host of sports radio KSR, also posted the clip on Twitter, writing: “More weathermen excitement! Did this Louisville weatherman fart on air??”

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People couldn’t help but poke fun at Weinberg and the embarrassing clip. One person highlighted the pause before he broke wind, writing: “Dramatic pause.....”

Dramatic pause.....\u00a0\u2026

— Glenn Hampson (@Glenn Hampson) 1643180016

Someone else joked: “‘You can also expect numerous short, relatively small but unpredictable gusts of wind in the forecast.’”

"You can also expect numerous short, relatively small but unpredictable gusts of wind in the forecast."\u00a0\u2026

— Jamie (@Jamie) 1643142821

Fellow meteorologist Adam Joseph, wrote: “He didn't hide that one!”

He didn't hide that one!\u00a0\u2026

— Adam Joseph (@Adam Joseph) 1642693284

News anchor Tyler Ryan also chipped in, commenting: “Don't know what my favourite part is...that it happened, he stopped for dramatic effect, or that it actually rocked his body...HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Weinberg won’t be living that down any time soon.

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Beverly Hoff

people have gotten crazy! God help the United States in the coming years. people have gotten rude. selfish and always me me me. leave the man alone and go on with your life.

Melissa Adkins

I am not surprised that people want to find this offensive..first of all it's completely normal for people to fact I find it funny when they do..because it makes them more real..I want people to realize this is not a consequence this is simply biology and they need to leave this poor soul alone...oh please this person I want to hug and protect from this horrifying just made an enemy you poor soul..


‘Fart Proudly’. Is a popular name for an essay written by Ben Franklin when he was American Ambassador to France. (circa. 1781) (Wikipedia)


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