Barry Bonds has classy reaction to Hall of Fame vote, snub


Cover picture for the articleBarry Bonds was snubbed by the Hall of Fame but he didn’t let bitterness cloud his reaction. Instead, he only shared hearty congratulations to David Ortiz. It had to be a big disappointment for Barry Bonds to find out he didn’t make the cut in his final year of eligibility on...

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jeff gales

don't care how many drugs they took !!! it is still requires good hand and eye coordination to make contact !!! same with pitching ! steroids can't make your curve any better !!

Jason Perkins

they need to change who votes players into the hall of fame. Can't hack it sports writers shouldn't be the final say

Rick Garcia

I think most people would agree Bonds was a hall of fame player, but taking steroids during that PERIOD, big Mac, Sosa, then Bonds and many others really messed up the game. And if you think it was OK then your just ignoring the obvious. It actually skewed all the records, changed outcomes of games. It was not only illegal in the US, it was a banned substance in baseball. They knew it, and tried to deny and hide it...most people don't think steroids are a big deal anymore, so it's more acceptable. But if you just decide now that they should be in, then you just open the door to allow the usage of steroids in baseball.


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