Pelosi announces she is running for reelection

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ABC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday she is running for reelection.

"While we have made progress much more needs to be done to improve people’s lives. This election is crucial: nothing less is at stake than our Democracy. But we don’t agonize-we organize. I am running for re-election to Congress to deliver For The People and defend Democracy. -NP," Pelosi said in a tweet.
Alex Wong/Getty Images - PHOTO: Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi leaves after she spoke at the 90th Winter Meeting of USCM, Jan.20, 2022, in Washington, DC.

As rumors continued to swirl over Pelosi's possible retirement, she is putting them to bed -- for now.

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She could always announce a resignation in the coming months, depending on which party keeps the House after the midterm elections -- or she could choose to stay if she wins her seat.

The reelection announcement does not mean she will necessarily be running for the speaker's gavel should Democrats keep the House.

And if they do retain the majority through the midterms and she stays in office, Democrats will likely be looking for fresh leadership.

Last January, the House narrowly reelected Pelosi as speaker with 216 votes, giving the California Democrat a fourth term as its leader.

Pelosi, who is the only woman to ever serve in the leadership role, has previously said she will not run for speaker after 2022.

She will turn 82 in March.

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Teresa Harber

You would think she would be too embarrassed to try to run again and to say democracy is at stake. well she is telling the truth there because her party is doing everything they can legal and illegally to destroy our country and she would dearly love to finish it off

Dennis Coe

Who's running against her ? Time for her to retire. The only people in California that care about her are those from Yeman and Russia. 3rd world head in that skull of hers.

James H

Give it up you old bag, you have done enough damage to America that it will take years to repair. But Trump will be back to fix it.


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