Veteran NFL Tight End Announces His Retirement

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After spending over a decade in the NFL, tight end Lee Smith has officially announced his retirement. Smith explained his decision in a heartfelt video released by the Atlanta Falcons, the last team he suited up for in the pros. In his announcement video, Smith revealed that he’s going...

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Jeffrey Francis

God bless you man as you cross over into retirement and pass the baton to a younger generation of men who are finding God to be their Rock and their Fortress!!! Nothing is impossible with God!

Albert Rounds

Tha k you so much Mr Smith. It warms my heart to hear your words which are so desperately needed in these times. I believe with God's help you will do just what you say and God will bless you bountiful for your work with young and trouble children. Thank you again so much. I spent 33 years in the Army and I did my best to save young men on the wrong track, however I was not as committed to my faith as I am today. I know I could have been better but I do know that God did my work for me because my heart was in what I was trying to do. Bless you Brother.

Peter Rodby

wasn't he a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs back in the day?


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