Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ producers say fatal shooting was ‘workplace accident’ while seeking to dismiss lawsuit

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleAlec Baldwin and his fellow "Rust" producers asked a Los Angeles judge on Monday to dismiss a lawsuit by the movie's script supervisor, who claims she was hurt in last year's fatal on-set shooting. While defense lawyers agreed that the Oct. 21 death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was...

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Rebecca Scott

I have worked on a stage show. with a gun. the gun was checked by five people. one stage hand.. one director. one police officer. before handing it to the actor off stage. this was a set-up and planned. in film the same process usually is done. someone planted that real bullet. very very sad situation. a great loss of life. this was murder.


Just think he has murdered more people than any of those rednecks armed with selfie sticks on jan 6 2021….hey democrats, it’s all you boo. Mask up 😂

Sharon McNeely

This is surely injustice if Baldwin is not held responsible for Hutchins's death. He held the gun, pointed it at her and pulled the trigger! A woman who was a wife and mother of a young child died as a result! It's a shame if the loss of life at the hands of another during a movie production will be considered a "workplace accident"! Actors and actresses will want to be sure they are in real good terms with others while filming any movie productions if this will be the outcome..."workplace accident"!


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