THREE Doctors Dismissed Woman’s Symptoms as ‘Hemorrhoids’: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Cover picture for the articleA 25-year-old woman’s symptoms were dismissed as mere hemorrhoids because she seemed “young and healthy,” but she was battling a rare cancer: rhabdomyosarcoma. Altman visited four doctors before she was finally diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Her story highlights the importance of advocating for yourself in the medical...

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esther evans

I am not surprised. I had a much more common cancer that was very large and palpable with scans and Ultrasounds stating further work up was needed. my surgeon and a radiologist blew it off and kept telling me I was overly concerned. I finally got a bx. on a city 60 miles away. By that time I was diagnosed with stage 4 her2 positive very aggressive breast cancer with mets to the lungs. So if you have doubts, be your own advocate and insist on the diagnostics that will put your mind at rest. Not all doctors are created equal.

Chris Campbell

I pray she totally reovers. And i pray the same for you dear esther. Its wise to put ourselves in Gods hands and trust Him... all any of us have is today so lets enjoy and spread Gods love. Why else are we here? Gods love and healing to you both :)


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